“Summertime, And the livin’ is easy”

Hey all,

Hmmm…. Where to start with this one? Well…. I guess it’s a bit tricky to write about trans stuff when … umm… you’re not actually doing any crossdressing 🙂 So it goes!

This coming Thursday is Chameleons and I think I will try to make the effort to go in Lynn-mode. I’m not making any promises mind you. If goes all summery and hot, I shall forsake the glad rags for want of a bit of cooler attire. Let’s hope I can still remember how to walk in my heels. 🙂

I believe it’s Sparkle this weekend and with the ‘meh’ vibe towards all things dressing up, I can’t say I’m overly fussed. Perhaps that’s a good job because a) the weather seems to be performing mini-monsoons; and b) it’s also midway through the Jones family birthday season (not mine should you ask). That does make it rather frantic on occasion. That said, all the effort of wrapping presents, making cakes (Ed: yes, eat your heart out Jane Asher! 😛 ) and visiting is worth it for the smile on the other person’s face.

When the sky wasn’t doing an impression of a power-shower, the Jones family have been out and about making the best of it. We had a long walk – not so easy on Little Miss’s legs as she’s pre-school; a family picnic and a day out in a local country park. Really, I can’t say that I had a particular fave per say. Each day out was special in its own way. Just being able to wander through the countryside and take in the glorious views was worth it.

Oh, that reminds me. Since the holiday, the Black Dog has been marked by its absence. Now that is something to be thankful for. There, and I said I didn’t have any news. 😉 I’ve got an appointment with the quack – sorry, the doctor – to review the happy tablets and with a bit of luck, I shall be out of the darkness and back into the light. I do feel a lot better, not happy, but just… me. Relaxed, unworried and without that pressing weight that depression seems to bring. I can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of that. 🙂

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Summertime by George Gershwin… and a few others ]


  1. I'm sure that walking in heels is like riding a bike (and by that I don't mean that if you try and turn too quickly you end up a bloodied mess ;p)

    Good luck, and of course congratulations, with the birthday season!


  2. Sometimes it is meh, glad you're doing fine and happy birthday season. I've got 2 big periods of the year where all the family birthdays congregate and a few outliers.
    (Not at sparkle either)
    Lucie xxeason. I've got 2 big periods of the year where all the family birthdays congregate and a few outliers.
    (Not at sparkle either)
    Lucie xx

  3. Yay. Holidays, just what the doctor (never) ordered 😉 Hope the naughty doggy is walking off with its tail between its legs, Lynn.

    I 'did' Sparkle this year – the event in the park itself was all the 'meh' I'd expected it to be with the exception of one band (Starbase109 if I remember right, fab folky harmonised vocals & kraftwerk-esque synths [!] ). But the rest of it.. ooo boy, some sights for sore eyes but it was BRILLIANT to meet up with friends I see too little of.

    I dunno if I'll make it next year though.. priorities – they're a-changin'

  4. Stace: If you can run in heels, the theme from the 60,000 euro man plays in the background. 😉

    Lucy: Ahh, one of those Shock & Awe months where there's a burning pain in your wallet? 🙂

    Justine: So far, so good with the lack of hound noir. 🙂

    I think that it's the meeting up with friends that would make it (Sparkle) worthwhile. I guess with regular-ish nights off to Chams, I get the social without the disco.

    I'm with you on 'the sights'. 🙂 I know you shouldn't judge folk, but sometimes, people do need to make an effort 😀

    Good luck with the second Time addition… will you be trannying with a pushchair? 😉

  5. All I can do is echo Justine. I was there to see friends. But of course there was one missing…
    Hugs Lynn, hope to see you thursday.

  6. Sophie: Maybe organising a low-key shindig is the way to go? One day perhaps!

    Nothing like catching up with friends… which leads me on to Thursday and I hope to catch up with you then!

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