“Grab your pack my darling,
Grab your pack and walk with me”

Hi and welcome back!

How’s things with you? All good I trust. Me? Well, I’ve had 2 wonderful weeks off on holiday with my family. In case you were curious, we were up in the North West of England and unusually for the UK, the weather remained tip top for 90% of it and despite liberal application of sunblock, I’ve even managed a bit of a tan. Probably not so good on the anti-aging front, but it stops me looking like a milk bottle. Mind you, with all the ice cream and jolly nice food I put away, I was in danger of having a similar shape. Still, plenty of walking and joining the kids in the park seems to have prevented the necessity for purchasing bigger trousers. BTW, do kids ever get tired of being pushed on the swings? 🙂 All good stuff!

The first week back at work? Well, I wasn’t looking forward to it, because, hey, when you’ve spent most days with either the kids or the Ever Lovely Mrs J, going back to have to do stuff chaffs a little. On the upside, it does mean we can afford nice holidays. Nothing had broken while I was away (Ed: always a bonus) and it was good to catch up with work mates. I think I’m pretty much back into the routine of school runs, meetings and project work.

With all the good weather and the holiday, I’ve outside more than I usually am (Ed: hence the healthy glow?) and I was struck how beautiful certain parts of Britain can be. I know that may come across as a bit smug, but I think there’s a certain level of pleasure to be taken in taking in the view. Mountains, moorland, woods and even the tumbled down ruins of old castles. Back home isn’t so bad either. Sure I may work in a modern office block, but home isn’t far away and we’re enough in the sticks (Ed: she means the countryside), to enjoy rolling fields and lots of trees. Certain a far cry from the bricks and streets of my and Mrs J’s first house together.

I did miss a meeting while I was on holiday and despite the hot weather, the need to feel more glam that usual was still very much in effect. As ever, I couldn’t decide on what to wear. I packed a bag ready and after loading in a dress, three sets of trousers (leggings, parallels and skinnys) and a few tops, I made my way to Chams. Mrs J had lent me a vest top, but having left it out the night before, someone had put a mucky hand print on it – and it wasn’t me! Luckily Mrs Jones and I keep all our posh dresses in the cupboard. 🙂 I had rememberd to bring a camera along and also my new nail varnish. Poolside Blue from Number 7. It was a tricky to apply – compared to the Rimmel range – but it did dry well and set properly. Loved the colour.

The jeans didn’t feel right – probably due to the weather – so I settled on the outfit pictured. Given the temperature, we hauled a table outside and sat in the sunset, passing the evening with good friends, drinks and the amber glow of the shrinking sun. There was little talk of the World Cup, which is good news for me as footy is something I just don’t get (being but a simple crossdresser). It got a bit colder, so I nipped back in to change to a long sleeved top. Maybe I should have packed a cardy or something.
While I was taking it easy, a number of folk from Chameleons went to Pink Punters. I’ve seen a few of the snaps and it looks like they had a very good time. In fact, judging by one photo, the vino seems to have been flowing rather well. Glad to see they had such a good time – even if they didn’t get in until the wee hours. Dirty stop outs 🙂
Tracey mentioned that another meal is on the cards – one for the summer party – and I’m looking forward to that. As evening switched to night time, we headed back in and it was (of course) time for some snaps. It is a trans blog after all 🙂 Alison’s misses (no names) asked why the interest in photos? We’ve been around that block before I think, so I joked about vanity (true to a point), but really I think it’s about capturing the moment. I took a few of Maddie, Steph, Val and Alison. It felt rather good to get snaps of others, not only for history, but also to let them have a keepsake too. I think Rebecca’s idea about a cloth backdrop has worked out rather well. No Sophie this time around, so I think an email is in order.

Time rolled by and soon it was time to get changed again. Still, I did have 5 minutes to try my new leggings (well, new as in unworn: they’ve been in the wardrobe for a month or two now) and my skater dress. Looks like I’m sorted for the Summer Party.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: I walk the Earth by Voice of the Beehive ]


  1. Glad you had a good break Lynn.
    I lost track of the weeks or I would have been there at chams.
    I wont be there at the next either as Sparkle beckons. Shame you cant come too.
    Thought you looked good in pics btw.

  2. Sophie: It was – as the post detailed – very good indeed. With all this lovely weather, I think more time off would go down rather well. 🙂 Never mind about Chams, they'll be other times! Thanks for the kind words about the snaps and I hope you have a good time at Sparkle!!

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