“But this photo of us, it don’t have a price”


The slightly empty blogger post box looks back at me. I can think of stuff to write about, but it’s beginning it. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I do seem to wheel out the same starter lines. (Ed: You’ve just said one there 😛). Anyways, enough with the written warbling – to business! 🙂

What’s been going on? Well, Mrs Jones had a business trip away – so I was house husband for a time. To be honest though, I did rather enjoy it and it beats sitting, staring at a computer screen trying to coax someone else’s system design into life. Luckily the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones’s return trip was not affected by the ash from the Icelandic volcano. Phew!

I didn’t get up to a lot of trans stuff – although I did look through my clothes wondering what should be passed on and/or go to charity. I had a go at modifying a pair of shoes too. Nothing to fancy, just fitting some straps to them. They are rather gorge and they were a bargain (Ed: yes, those 4 quid ones from the other month). Given that spring is trying to push winter aside – and the summer gear is creeping into the high street – I’ve been wondering about how to get through the summer months. Copious use of leggings and jeans, I think. Peppered with dashes of cute dresses and maybe a hippy-style vest if I’m lucky.

That talk of fashion brings me around to photographs and something that Rebecca asked last time at Chams: “Why do you post photos on-line?” At the time, I couldn’t think of a proper answer – not that I laughed her off: clearly that would be rude. Having given it a bit more thought through the week, I’m still not 100% sure. Not that that’ll stop me blogging it out loud 🙂

I guess the brutal – and perhaps obvious answer – is vanity. Yet, for me I don’t think it is. To me – and not to jump on Petra’s blog posts about the Seven Deadly Sins – that doesn’t ring true. I don’t think I’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought I look great! I think the the level of Britishness in my upbringing that puts a halt to such behaviour. 🙂 I think the most I manage is, not bad or that’ll do. So if it’s not vanity what is it? A sense of belonging? A desire for flattery? Achievement? Wanting to join in the fun? Prolonging the moment through an image? All, some or none of the above? 🙂

For me personally, I think that prolonging the moment is certainly part of it. I get to look through old photos and besides the outfit, there’s the memory of what I had happened around that time too. In the early days, it would have been one of those rare evenings on my tod. Now, in later years. its usually in the company of others, or rarely, when I’m out and about.

No-one likes to be ignored and perhaps there’s an element of look at me going on too. Not so much comment if you think I’m cute – because I’m not and neither am I fishing for compliments. I am who I am a bloke in a dress if you will. Okay, sometimes it might be a nicely coordinated dress and accessories, but the truth is still I’m a chap at the core of it. Where am I going with this? 🙂 Comments – yes, I suppose if I just wanted to write for myself, I’d keep a diary off-line. Instead, I have this blog thing and I get ideas, wit and – in some small way – little conversations through this medium….

… but really, maybe it’s not those two factors alone: maybe it’s acceptance. I can post an image and while, it’s taken at face value, no-one laughs out loud or points at them and falls about. (Ed: if they do, they don’t post them 😛 ). I’ve had criticism and compliments on images. I had one on Roses Forum about beard shadow. You could read that as a bitchy comment, but I didn’t. The written word is hard to follow sometimes – I know my ramblings can be 🙂 – so was it advice or a gag? Who can say, but the author?

To wrap up, I have been working my way through the odd fashion blog here and there. It’s a fascinating microcosm – a bit like the trannisphere only there’s less high street 🙂 – and there seems to be as many photos of bloggers in outfits as there are in our little world. I wonder if they’re wondering why they do it too? 🙂

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Paparazzi by Lady Ga Ga ]


  1. I can't say why you post pictures, but I can say that when you do it always amazes me how natural and happy you look in them. The first pic from last weeks post being a classic case in point.


  2. Well I know when I look in the mirror I just see whats wrong, but then I guess most women might say that. As for the pics, I think of them more like our equivalent of the holiday photos. They prove you were there and act as a long term record. Plus you can share them with your friends. :o)

  3. Stace: I think the happiness comes from friends taking the last few, rather than me posing alone. Normally something happens to make me laugh or smile, and the photographer in question captures that.

    Sophie: Holiday photos? Yes, I can understand that.

  4. All good reasons Lynn. I think as well that there is a display of leadership in the posting of pictures. "Look, I did this, and did not come out worse for the wear … so can you …"

    I must echo Stace's comments too though. You always do look happy and natural in your photos. They always bring a smile.

    Cheers, and keep it up!

  5. Penny: Time does indeed fly on a tranny night out. 🙂

    Petra: Thanks for the kind words and yes, if I can anyone can!

    Lucy: Oh yes – the early years (shudder). I found some of my earlier piccies.

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