Run fast for your mother,
run fast for your father,”

Hey all,

There are times, as a blogger, when the well runs a little dry. It’s not that you’ve got the curse of writer’s block – although I guess you’d have to be a writer to qualify for that 😉 No, instead, and at least for me, there’s this fog. A dull grey nebulous sensation of uninspiring meh. I know that’s not a word, but just go with me on this for a mo, okay? 🙂

I guess, there’s nothing I have to get off my chest. No tales to share or point to make. But, and to be honest with you, I feel that that’s laziness on my part. You make the time, dear reader, to subscribe to these mostly one sided chats of mine – well some of you – and those that do, some of you are kind enough to comment as well. For that, I’m thankful. At least it’s not me typing into the void. 🙂

So with my prattling out of the way, what shall we talk about? The truth of it is that I didn’t have anything tucked up my sleeve. Nothing I’d stashed for a rainy day – or perhaps more accurately – a dry day as I’ve alluded to.

With all that said, I’ve just switched off the telly after watching the programme on Eddie Izzard’s marathon running for Sport Relief. It was that programme that turned the creative cogs in my head. As he ran on, so my emotions and spirits were raised. He ran these marathons for Sport Relief last year and while I read a little about it, I think the support/production crew have really managed to capture the essence of it. I found it inspiring that he’d done it. Regular readers will know I just don’t ‘get’ sport. But with someone like Eddie, someone more renown for other talents, the fact that he just threw himself into it was very impressive.

There are personal moments to the journey too. The visit to his old house where his mum passed away was very touching. As much as we read or see of idiots out and about, the Great British Public loves to surprise you. Some made the effort to run with him, to talk and to try and raise his morale. Just jogging alongside and offering a little help. Sometimes, I wonder if that’s all it comes down to. Being there for people and helping when they need it.

For those of you who’ve just beamed down to this planet – oh, and welcome, by the way 🙂 – Eddie’s also famous for being a comedian… and a trans one at that. An ‘action transvestite’ he said in the programme. I can’t say I follow his comedy per se, but what I’ve seen I’ve enjoyed. In terms of the trans elements, I know not everyone is comfortable with the idea that one person can speak for us all. How could that be true? My feelings are not his and your feelings are not mine. Sure, we share this quirk of genetics that makes us dabble in the pink arts, but we are all people in our own right. So too is Mr Izzard. I think with the media, there’s a risk that you could be pigeon-holed as being the ‘transvestite comedian’ but somehow he’s managed – at least in my eyes – to duck that noose and just do his own thing.

Good luck to him I say and I’ll be putting a few quid in the coffers of Sport Relief for his efforts.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine ]


  1. 'Meh' isn't a word? Surely with the amount it's used we should be able to get it into the OED? 🙂 Mind you how to describe it without going recursive would be interesting…

    Unfortunately I missed Eddie Izzard running – I saw the adverts but didn't manage to catch what time it was on. I'd look at iPlayer – but it's IP blocked 🙁

    I do like him as a comedian though. Very funny, and whilst he does not try to hide his trans side, and does allude to it, it isn't the basis of his act – I have 'circle' on DVD and he could do 90% in his male clothes.


  2. Stace: If meh isn't already in there, is soon will be 🙂 One of the things I love about language is that it evolves and mutates. Sure, I don't enjoy some bits of it – the perference to pepper a sentence with the word 'like' for example, but to each their own! 🙂

    Originally I'd written the phrase sensation of uninspiration but that's just a made up word right? Insert Shawshank parole gag here 🙂

    Someone told me that there's a Firefox plug-in you can use to assist you with viewing video streams outside of your country. Never tried it personally… 😉

  3. I first noticed Eddie's multi-marathon thingy when following on twitter. Every day he would post photos of where he had got to. Sometimes just a road sign, sometimes him with some locals, etc. I thought this was a nice touch. I made my donation when he was still running as I was so impressed.
    I like the idea that you switch the television off, I have a habbit of just walking away, leaving it as background noise. :o)

  4. Stace: Good luck and if you get stuck, there's always the contact form 🙂 Not that I'll think you'll need it.

    Sophie: A mini-story in a way, I think. I read about it (at the time) but I guess it got lost in the rush hour of another day (as Girls Aloud once sang).

    Yeah, I do turn the telly off… sometimes folk talking can be too distracting and I like to concentrate on what I'm doing.

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