“Through wind and rain we got here..”

Hello gentle reader,

Do you get that feeling where you want to make time for something – like writing a blog entry or email to a friend – and when you finally do, your brain just goes ‘meh’? Because I’m getting that right now. Maybe if I keep bashing away at the keys it’ll slowly rev back into life. 🙂

Thursday night has (obviously) been and gone (Ed: like, duh!) and the slight worry over the snow putting an end to an evening was unfounded. Yay! So, thanks to the hard work of the Centre managers and some winter sun, we were on for an evening of conversation, witty banter and beverages.

Sandi mentioned that the Centre may be putting up the rent and while that’s a shame, I really don’t mind chipping in a little more. Honestly, the group has given me a lot and I would hate to see it fold for the sake of a few more pennies in the pot each time. Even at 4 quid a time, it’s still a cheap night out. I don’t drink a lot, but if I go into town, I spend more than that on parking… and I have to dress down 🙂
This time around by sports bag was well and truly packed. You could say as well stuffed as a drag queen’s bra, but I won’t. 🙂 The thing is, I couldn’t really decide what to wear. I’d even draped said items over the bed putting together a ‘look’. Sad perhaps, but putting together new and old items brings me a little smile.  🙂
So, the upshot of that is that I ended up taking two outfits… and 2 sets of shoes + boots… umm… and two cardys because, again, I couldn’t make my mind up. 🙂 But I was lucky enough to get in early, so I did manage a quick snap and to try on my both of my new skirts. Both were in the sale – one pre-Xmas, one afterwards (even though I said I didn’t need anything 🙂 ) The painting has been finished upstairs at the Centre and I think the dark green walls have thrown the image somewhat. I guess I’ll have to find a new posing place 🙂 Because of that I didn’t take a snap of my other outfit and I think I’ll be saving the shorter skirt (not in this piccy) for The Angel’s 10th Birthday Party.
Talking of which, The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is okay with me going and I know Gayna and Alison are up for it too. Gayna’s making her own way down, so if I can get the planning right, Alison and I should be winging our way down the M1 sometime next Friday. I do hope so, it’ll be good to get out, have a boogie and maybe meet a few people I’ve chatted to on-line but never met in person. Fingers crossed it’ll all get sorted out, although the logistics of putting the nippers to bed, getting changed and ensuring I don’t get lost in town looking for Ali’s house. Should be interesting!
So that’s pretty much me for this week.
Take care
[ Today’s lyric: Untouchable by Girls Aloud ]


  1. Hehe, constantly everytime I want to post a blog 🙂 I normally start having something small and pointless, then suddenly find something to blog about and end up with a long and rambling post…

    Great outfit (as always)

    Enjoy yourself next Friday!


  2. Stace: Glad to hear it's not just my tired old noggin 😀 I seems that a quick waffle clears out the buffers and the proper stuff can come through. Nothing wrong with rambling… which… umm… I'm doing now. Pants! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words, I just wish the photo had been better. Ahh, well. Lessons learned for Friday maybes. 😀

  3. Hi Lynn

    have a great time at pp, im sure you will enjoy it just head for the attic!

    we have been a few times and stayed over the road at the campanile,always welcomed and never any issues

    have a great time and tell us all about it at the next meeting


  4. Sandi: Hiya! I hope so. The logistics are proving to be a bit tricky, but – fingers crossed! – it'll all be right by Friday.

    At least I hope so…

  5. Sophie: "I love it when a plan comes together" 🙂

    Calie: Ta, misses. The colours are a bit washed out due to my photographic hamfistedness. 🙂 Hopefully next time I'll get it right 😀

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