“Should I walk away or follow my soul”


I’m looking at this little white box that’s the Blogger New Post window. I look at it. It looks back at me. Well, inasmuch that an empty form box can look back. Hmmm….

It’s been quiet this week. Well, actually it’s been quiet on the trans front for the most part. The flurry of activity has been in the non-trans area of my life. A kid’s Halloween party: that was top stuff and very good to see Wee Man and Little Miss enjoying themselves so much. We’ve had the whoosh, boom and bang of November the 5th. That’s Bonfire Night to those of you outside the UK. It’s the only time when we Brits are allowed to play with explosives. 🙂 Work’s work and I won’t bore you with that.

It was also our anniversary a little while ago and I nipped out to pick something up for Mrs Jones… she wasn’t expecting it and was very pleased. See, ladies, it’s not all bad news when your hubby can accessorise. 🙂 Talking of the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones, she’s been so busy of late, I had some time off this week. That really ate a hole in my work schedule, but in a good way. It really put a big family sized mark in the calendar and that, I think, can only be a good thing.

I also managed a spot of shopping. Well, it is coming up to Christmas… that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I had a good long tour of the shops, but you know how it is. You head out money in pocket with your heart set on an idea. Sometimes though, that doesn’t come to pass and you head back out with the money still there. 🙂

On a whim, I stopped off at an out of town place I like to visit once in a while. There’s a TK Maxx there and a few others. Now, this may sound odd, but I don’t really get TK Maxx. Actually, I should change that: I didn’t get it. Often, I’d head in, look for this and that, not find what I wanted and head straight back out.

Not this time though. I took my time and let the hand of the Retail Fates guide me. 🙂 Rather than looking for a particular top or skirt, I went for a more Zen approach. Well, it sounded Zen to me. What would I know, I work in IT right? 🙂 I flicked through the rails of tops, trousers, skirts and dresses hoping I’d see a few things I might like. Five items later, I hit the changing room. No. Yes. Very much yes! No and ahh too small.

Quite a bit later, I’m back at my car with my purchases. I also picked up some cute boots too. Flat this time, but I like them. Sorta biker/rock and they work with the skirts…. or at least I thought so. Guess I’ll find out when it’s Chams later next week.

Take care

[ Today’s lyric: Thunder in my Heart ft Leo Sayer by Meck ]


  1. Ah yes Lynn … TK Maxx (presuming its pretty much the same as our TJ Maxx) does require a little zen. When time is taken, and patience exercised you can become very effective velcro for all sorts of goodies…

    1 in 4 trips finds me a winner typically. At what prices too….

    Happy belated Guy Fawkes !

  2. Oh Guy Fawks night… Another of the things I miss from the UK. But only when other people mention it 🙂

    I find that having an idea of what you want when you go shopping rarely helps (either for femme or homme…) and the zen approach yields better results. Takes more time though 🙂

  3. Petra: One and the same by the sound of it. Not sure why there's a different name over here. So much for global marketing eh? 🙂

    Stace: The non-Zen approach is – so I have read – the more male attitude. This isn't one of these bullsh** 'how femme am I' comments, but more a statement of how your average guy shops. According to the magazine article, a gent will enter the shop, circle the goods and play 'target aquired' with the goods in question. If what he wants isn't there, he moves on.

    On the other hand…. 🙂 Going with the flow rather than hunter-gatherer, you can fall on something that interests you.

    I guess it comes down to time. I know I do both MOs. 🙂

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