“Across the world the message flies,
information, truth and lies…”


Do you Twitter or tweet or whatever it is? I’ve seen a few sites of fellow Bloggers who do. What about Facebook? Bebo? MySpace? Do you use those? I don’t do the former – at least in Lynn mode – but I seem to have been hit (Ed: infected?) with their update meme. Allow me to explain… 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, Twitter et al let you upload a short phrase as an update status. Now maybe you have a far more glamourous or jet setting life than mine, and while I am a self opinionated blogger, I’m struggling to find enough to say to warrant a twitter feed. Some people do and they do it well, but not yours truly.

So – and here comes the questiony bit – why is it in my head I’ve had the following going on:

  • … is in a meeting but her mind is on this season’s new looks.
  • … is dropping the kids off and man is it cold! Shoulda worn tights under the suit.
  • … wishes life was a little less complicated sometimes.
  • … is putting his trainers on and nearly put his back out in doing so.
  • … wonders why real ladies sometimes wear heels to go shopping in when (s)he knows how much it hurts.
  • … is pondering what to blog about.
  • … is hoping mowing the grass won’t die her fingers green before a big night out.
  • … wonders what would happen if (s)he came out. Really out.
  • … just can’t get excited over a new telephone.
  • … wishes size 14 meant size 14!
  • … is fed up with the War on Unwanted Hair.

All these fleeting thoughts have fluttered through my head, bubbled through a busy brain giving welcome distraction to the occasionally uninteresting world of queues, waiting and, of course, meetings.I guess they are all just tiny distractions that in some way, help me get through a day where the entertainment factor is unusually low. Do you find yourself doing this? Not so much courting a feed as mental blogging what you’re doing? Maybe I just need to get out more. :-)Take care,
x[ Today’s Lyric: Zeros and Ones by Jesus Jones ]


  1. I’m just not cool enough to know what on Earth you’re on about! Mind you, it was about 2003 before I played my first MP3. And I fear that I already waste far too much time in Cyberspace, so perhaps I’d better not start ‘tweeting’ or whatever. But if it works for you… do it. Enjoy it, before it gets bought out by either Yahoo, Micro$oft or Google…

  2. I’m proud to dress like a girl it’s nice to wear dresses instead of male clothing that’s so gross.

  3. when i was 10 i like putting on my mother’s dresses, and undergarments, nylons, and high heels which makes me look more of a girl from that day on i like owning everything feminine, because that’s the way i want it.

  4. Suomy: LOL. The Internet can be a fantastic waste of time. I still find it more interesting that telly tho. 🙂

    Jennifer: Hi and welcome. Male clothing’s not that bad is it? Good clothes are good clothes, IMO.

  5. Cant get into the MyFace sites as a member. Visit My Space sometimes for the music (check bands and so on) but not as a social network site. But i’m hooked on Twitter and it can be a great waste of time 🙂

  6. Lucy: No, MySpace leaves me cold too. The ‘band’ thing is, as you say, useful.

    I noticed that Facebook got more ‘twittery’ when Twitter’s popularity rose.

  7. Not only do I write things in my head, I argue with me, lose the arguments…

    Then there’s the music that never stops, either!


  8. I have twitter but I’m not very good at it-all these apps and I wonder who truly has time for it. I imagine it’s the same folks who are addicted to wearing a blue tooth in their ear 24/7 and jabbing at their cell phones with a stylus all day. These people annoy me-so busy updating and texting that life is whizzing by without them noticing. Ahh…but I do so wish one of those twits you came up would show up on my updates. Eddie Izzard is on my Twitter and even HE doesn’t give a cd twit! Go figure…

  9. TCG: Some folk clearly do. Maybe they have a lot to stay! 🙂

    Part of me fears that if I did join, that it would in some way, sap what I get to do here. I’d rather not run that risk.

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