“Twenty-four little hours…”


As the song goes, what a difference a day makes… At the start of the week, I had one those bad days that comes along once in a while. It seemed everything I did just didn’t work. But, there are two bright sides to this: 1) it’s only work* and 2) if you didn’t have bad days, the good days wouldn’t seem as good.

* Work? Yes. Hmmm. It was one of those days. I do try to leave work behind when the office door shuts, but there are times when what you’ve been doing (or been unable to do) nags at you. I guess it cuts the other way too. I remember someone telling me to leave your personal life at home – all well and good if you don’t have a life at home 🙂 (Ed: meow) – but the rest of us mere mortals? We’re not robots, so what goes on in life spills over into whatever you are doing.

Anyways – lets not dwell on the fleetingly negative! Thursday was a very different affair. As Mrs Jones was working late, I was on school duty….. so I had the afternoon off to make sure I’d get away in time. What could I do in the 3 hours prior to picking up Wee Man? 🙂

I headed into town to pick up a Valentine’s gift for the ever lovely Mrs Jones. That done, I thought I’d drop by Hot Hair and see if they had anything in. I’d seen a nice wig on their website (Kat) *and* it was in the sale. Being in the sale, it had sold out…. pants. So on a whim I dropped by Debenhams because their wig stock (Ed: wasn’t that a festival?) is very good. I tried on a few – the ladies are very helpful and it’s nice and private – but I went back to my first choice. An hour later, I’m made-up, packing my bag for a night to Chameleons and I’ve tried my new wig on.

Despite a half-hearted attempt at another white-out, the Fates smiled and the snow turned to sleet and then to rain. Roads clear, I headed off to Chameleons. I was first in (Sandy had asked for someone to open up), so I put out the tables and chairs. I hung around a bit seeing if anyone would show (due to the weather), but after 10 minutes, I went upstairs to get changed. Unusually for me, I actually remembered my camera.

Thursday evening turned out to be a really good night. I had a very pleasant chat with friends, catching up with what they’ve been up to and I met two new people too. Dave and Becky. Both were nervous – and who can blame them? – but had plucked up the courage to come in from the cold (literally) to see what the group was like. I didn’t get to talk to Dave much, but I had a good long chat with Becky and this that and the other.

All in all, a very good time!

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: What a Difference a Day Makes by María Grever ]


  1. LOVELY photo! And your new avatar pic as well!

    I always had problems leaving home at home…if things weren’t “right” then there was no way to get “my head in the game” or whatever. Working in an assembly plant there were times it could be downright dangerous!

    So hooray for an early afternoon and a chance to escape!

    Here we’ve gone from 70’s to 20’s and snow is back in the forecast for Wednesday, meanwhile I have flowers peeking about their bed already.


  2. Alan: Thank you, Alan. Let’s hear for afternoon’s off! 🙂 I think I know what you mean about that ‘disconnected’ feeling at work. Some days you’re just not with it.

  3. Gabriela: Thanks, chuck. It (the jumper) was one of those lucky finds. Much as I love a cute dress, I’m trying to build items that have more options. Save the pennies, save the planet. 🙂

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