“Sugar and spice and everything nice,
Wasn’t meant for only girls”


Earlier this week I found myself surfing through the links on the RSS feed. Some links seemed to be dead and after a quick reccy, I found and fixed the dead ones. If I’ve not been your way for a bit, that’s why!

On a whim, I decided to have a good look through the news section on the Angels web site. While there two things caught my eye.

One is the image in the Smoother Transition article (go and have a read if you like). The (drawn) image is of a keyboard and a pair of hands typing. The left hand is suitably macho with the grey suit jacket while the right hand sports longish polished red nails and a white bracelet. I don’t know what it is about that particular image, but it held my attention. Maybe it’s the thought of the inner transness being on display or just being in on the joke. Who can say?

BTW, you’ll note I didn’t say ‘female’: or maybe you did, I’m not psychic. 🙂 I don’t know many, nay *any* women, who wear there nails like that. Actually, I did know one young lady who sported a full set of Krugers and she didn’t half struggle to type. She must have gone through a shed load of tights too. Not that I’d know anything about that. 🙂

[ side note: I had one of those conversations this week. One lady from the office was talking about shoes and how she was being nagged by her husband for buying yet another pair. “But you have to have some that go with an outfit don’t you! How many pairs do you have?” she asked. I managed to stop myself from nodding in agreement…. and it seems most guys have 2 – 4 pairs. So I’m not abnormal 🙂 I just have a few other pairs for special occasions 😀 ]

The second thing – and there seems to be an ‘image’ theme this week – is I noticed the Angel Flickr stream and I decided to have a look. I found the whole stream – well, not all of it, I didn’t go A to Z! – very interesting. Firstly, there’s the variation in looks that we try: natural, foxy, out & about, etc. Then there’s the backgrounds. The day-to-day scenery: kitchens, stairs, living rooms, pubs or public spaces. For a group of people who often seem so keen to stay hidden, there’s a remarkable amount of stuff on the web. Not that I’m judging, there’s the odd snap of me on here (Ed: “odd” being the word).

I also find myself wondering what people look like behind the carefully applied make-up and wig. To push on from that, there are a few brave souls who’ll do a before and after. The difference is quite surprising. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that just yet. 🙂

In slightly less jolly news: yesterday was the TG Day of Remembrance. A day to remember those people who are no longer with us.

[ Daphs, the place isn’t the same without you. ]

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: King for a Day by Green Day ]


  1. Your discussion of long nails reminded me that while I may sometimes paint mine, I’ve never really been tempted to grow them long – that’s one of the few aspects of “gender-bending” I’ve never been much interested in dabbling in. I suppose the main thing that puts me off is the fact that the longer mine become, the untidier they look and more easily damaged they get. And when they get chipped, they have an unpleasant tendency to snag on things, sometimes with near-disastrous consequences – it never ceases to amaze me how much damage a jagged section of nail (even if it’s barely visible) can do to a delicate fabric. Then there’d be the paranoia, I suppose, of breaking them outright, which I really could do without – I fuss enough about my appearance as it is. This fear would be particularly acute, I’d imagine, for those who grow theirs really long, and turn them into virtual works of art, as I’ve heard some women are wont to do*. Many years ago, I used to buy this American tattoo magazine (called, imaginatively enough, Tattoo), and for a while, there was all this correspondence in this from readers who had “dragon lady” nails – they’d grow them really long, then have tiny holes drilled in them through into which they’d put little gold rings or studs. Way too much work!

    *As a matter of interest, I once knew this Gothic guy who had long ones, and apparently used to conduct some kind of “funeral ritual” for any he happened to break.

  2. Zosimus: Ooo, snagging not good. Not just on delicate fabrics, but skin too if you’re unlucky.
    I know what you mean about longer = scarier. I don’t mind a bit of white showing, but too much and they start to look like some metrosex zombie with a manicure. 🙂 Not a good look at all.

    Nail piercings? 🙂 Yeah, I remember them too. I knew one lady who had a tiny hoop + ball in her bright blue thumb nail. Fashion eh? 🙂

  3. Alan: You’re very kind, but they’re distance shots for a reason.

    Before I started going out, I’d see images of other tranny folk and wonder about the way I looked. The camera clearly lies as we get the pick the image we want to project. Real life is oddly more forgiving: a photo fails to catch the emotion a person gives off.

    IMO 🙂

  4. Lynn, I’ve had similar experiences with photos – unfortunately, the “me” I see in pictures usually bears little resemblance to the “me” I see in the mirror (who tends to be much more comely). In my own case, I console myself with the knowledge that judging from all the comments I’ve heard about my appearance over the years, most other people seem to see the “mirror me” rather than the “photo me”* (indeed, I once had a bunch of people say that a series of fancy studio photos I’d had taken of myself made me look much older, which was weird). (Another person to whom the above would seem to apply is Eddie Izzard, who I was once fortunate to see live. He’s much prettier in the flesh than I’ve ever seen him in photos.)

    Re your observation about photos failing to capture the emotions of their subjects, I’ve heard that said before. I recently read a book about the (apparently very charismatic) African dictator Mobutu (he who ruled the country formerly known as Zaire for over thirty years), and came across a comment in it from someone who’d known the aforementioned individual well and said that he’d never seen a picture that had done the ruler justice – not one photo had managed to capture the charisma that had made him such an electrifying character in real life.

    *You never know, though, given that people seem to have fairly lax standards when it comes to judging male beauty. Sometimes I swear that all a guy has to do in order to be considered “pretty” is simply not look as though he’s taken a headfirst dive into a tree shredder. 🙁

  5. Zosimus: It’s that certain quality that some people have that cameras just don’t (or can’t) capture.

    Male beauty? Well there’s a topic for conversation. I can’t judge male beauty at all. I could probably pick out someone the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones would find attractive, but I couldn’t say if that same gent would be a choice for the ladies.

    Brad Pitt I have down as pretty, whereas Daniel Craig has a craggy charm and that great voice.

    In terms of making oneself pretty, you can over do it. I see some students about town and think back to the New Romantics of the 80s. Man, you’re going to regret that hair do. 🙂

  6. Well I’ve got some bad news, and good news. You now know, however distantly, someone who wears her nails like that. I grow them out myself, take good care of them, and hardly ever have problems with them. I’ve done a brake job on my car with my nails that long and not so much as chipped them. I do my own manicures so I don’t have them snagging on things.

    The good news is everyone loves my nails, except of course the grils at the checkout in the grocery store who are crazy jealous. So I break one every once in a while, no biggy I grow them back. Somewhere on my blog is a picture of them with just clear polish, which is what I wear most often.

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