“I can see it in my own reflection,
Something funny’s goin’ on inside my mind…”

Hey y’all.

How’s you? Good I hope. Me? Well, pretty good: certainly nothing to complain about… which is nice! 🙂

A few things have been on my mind of late. One is – or rather ‘was’ – the American Election. As a rule I don’t tend to talk about Real Life ™ on here. There are others who do it better than I and do you really want to hear my take on who’d make the better leader? I doubt it, ‘cos I sure wouldn’t 🙂 Besides, we’re trans: are we just supposed to talk about make-up? 😀 Back to the point though, politics seem hardwired into people, at least in my limited experience. Seems we make up our minds on who we’d like to represent us and that’s that.

So what I will say is this: people talk about Obama’s victory as a historic event. From a race point of view, it is. He’s the first after all. My hopes are these: one, that the American War Machine is brought back for worst case scenarios (carpet bombing and democracy seem unlikely allies); and secondly, that he manages to make a positive difference to the world. I don’t know what or how, but the history we’re wrapping this man in, is building him up. I suppose a few people will be hoping he stumbles. Personally, I’m hoping he does well.

The other thing and this seems rather low brow following talk about a new American President, is my rearview mirror. It’s a novelty for an ex-biker, just stay with me 🙂 I’ve had this canter of words rattling around my head since Monday. I’d blame it on eating too much cheese, but I’ve cut back (a girl’s got to try and keep their figure 😀 ).

Rearview mirror, what is it you see?
Traffic that races? A slice; a cut out of me?

The tip of an ear, the side of my head.
Unshaven jaw, eyes tired or red.

In earlier times, the view is not this.
Dark painted eyes, red lips you can’t miss.

An unhealthy fixation on the view from within,
Or just fragments or memory: no her but him?

Seems the car’s little mirror is there to remind,
What races up and what’s gone on behind.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: Yet more from Girls Aloud, this time: Sound of the Underground. I wonder if they know they have such a following? 🙂 ]


  1. I like the poem. I was once in traffic and glanced at the reflection in the car in front’s mirror just as the driver looked at me. For a second we looked into each other’s eyes… then the traffic moved on. I have no idea what gender or age those eyes were, it was too quick, and yet in that second there was definite recognition of two selves connecting.

  2. Michelle: Thank you, very kind of you to say so.

    The brief connection you talk about sometimes feels like a jolt. We’re wrapped up safe in our little tin boxes and it’s rare that we connect visually with other drivers (unless it’s just me not looking properly 😀 ).

  3. I remember an old James Taylor track about looking in the rearview to see himself in the next car back looking in the rearview…

    A little cheese now and then won’t hurt you, skinny minx!


  4. Alan: Ooo, that’d be just a bit spooky wouldn’t it?

    Unless you had a twin brother 🙂

    LOL @ the cheese gag. I’ve heard you can’t be too thin or too rich, but on seeing a few size zero celebs, both are clearly not true 🙂 Anyway, if I’m slim now, I don’t need to worry about all that yummy Xmas food that’s about to do the rounds 😀

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