“Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving..”

Hi everyone,

Four years. YATGB has been ticking over for four years. I’m somehow surprised that this little blog of mine has managed a whole 4 years. It’s a combination of things. One, that I’ve kept at it when other hobbys have fallen by the way side and two, that so much has changed. The world, me, my family and many of you too.

Talking of you: there’s that magic third factor: you.

You good people keep coming back and adding your wit and wisdom to this blog. Without that, it would I feel be far poorer. Just me howling into the void. You make me think. You make me laugh. You let me connect and for that I’m grateful.

So…. Thank you and here’s to a few years more.


[ Today’s lyric: A Little Bit of History Repeating by the Propellerheads and Dame Shirely Bassey ]


  1. Where does the time go? Sneaks up on you doesn’t it?

    Well done on the dedication. Here’s to the next four, and the four after that etc

    I’m just weeks away from my three year mark. I can’t believe I’ve been at it so long.

  2. I don’t often stop by and comment, but I look forward to the weekly read and the occasional mid week update – bit like the Obsever 🙂

  3. “You make me think. You make me laugh. You let me connect and for that I’m grateful.”

    Just a mirror, my friend…congratulations and thank you!

  4. All: Thank you for your kind words and comments.

    Four years eh? A lot has happened since then. Our little boy growing up (“They do do that” as Val wittily pointed out) and our little girl nearly a year old too. Mrs Jones has become cool on the whole TG thing and dare I say, I don’t get upset by it these days either.

    Another 4 years? I hope so. 🙂

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