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Hey peeps!!

Screen savers are funny things. They’re there for when you’re not using your computer. So why have one? Our home computer is set to cycle through the ompabytes of family photos stashed on the old (and hopefully, trusty) hardware sat by my feet.

I am a terrible at taking photos, I – unlike my Dad, my mate and my young son – do not have ‘the knack’. They – like a Republican on a hike in the woods – just point and shoot. The images they capture are spot on. People laughing, scenery framed and no blur: the moment caught and laid down in a digital tableau. I’m not jealous but I am slightly envious. Is there a difference? Mind you, I bet none of them can run in heels 🙂 (Ed: like that’s a ‘life skill’!).

Anyhoo, enough with the cerebral wanderings! The other day I’d left the computer running while I popped downstairs to make the ever lovely H. and myself a cup of tea. I came back to see a picture of my young son, very young in that particular picture, splashed across the LCD. Had it been any other screen saver, I’d have nudged the mouse and got back to surfing. Not this time….

I stopped and cycled through a few images. Each one kicking off memories of places, people and parties from the last so many years. How we all change – especially the kids. How some people aren’t here any more: departure, divorce and, of course, death. How I’ve changed: fatter, balder, wrinklier; yet despite those shallow negatives: I’m happier. I see images of us having good times together. Some people have gone and some I miss dearly. One, I am glad to see the back of.

I was reminded of Roger McGough’s poem about saving a family album if there was a house fire. I’ve spent the last 10 minutes or so looking for it, but I can only remember fragments. Photos, like all nostalgia, are easy to get lost in. Unlike looking back, I find photos remind me of the now: to cherish what we have and to look forward to what might be.

Sh**. This is upbeat. This can’t be a trans post can it? 🙂

In other news I had a very pleasant time at Chameleons the other night. It had been a while since I’d seen everyone and good things seem to be happening to people (which is nice to hear!). The website had mentioned a Bring & Buy but that was off for a reason I didn’t get around to hearing.

Anyways, I’d brought along an old wig (oddly the one in my blogger photo) because last time I tried it, I didn’t like it. I wondered if someone else might. A few folk tried it on but no takers. Maybe it’ll go to a new home on eBay… or be set free to roam the highlands, pouncing on unsuspecting celebs who aren’t fooling anyone. 🙂

Sandy also mentioned that Chams has been at Nuthall for the last 3 years. Crikey. Three years? Where did that time go! That first night out is still etched in my memory. Three years… sheesh. 🙂

Stay safe,

ps: I notice that Justine’s blog has disappeared. Anyone know where she is?

[ Today’s Lyric: Carter USM: The Only Living Boy in New Cross ]


  1. The other day, I came across the photo album my Mom put together when I emigrated; the kids as youngsters, my old dog, Mom and Dad, Aunt's and Uncles, Gran & Grandad, Nan (none of her Dad, oddly).

    Sometimes it's nice to take a little trip down memory lane, remembering the moments. 🙂

    (And yes, your post was way too upbeat to be a tranny post. I liked it. 🙂 )

    Carolyn Ann

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