“Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane”

Hey ppl,

Time for a bit of navel gazing this time around. Not so much the “what’s wrong with us?” vibe, I – like so many others – seem to have cleared that hurdle for a bit. Will it come round again because most tracks are circular, who can say? Possibly, but let’s enjoy the moment eh? 🙂

Anywho, I was walking to an appointment the other day, enjoying the sights of the city: people watching, fashion spotting and taking in views of buildings (what’s new, what’s changed, what hasn’t). It struck me how much I don’t take in when I take the car. Clearly, your eyes are on the road – or the side mirrors – so there’s obviously little time for window gazing and I think this is a real shame. There’s just a brief pause at traffic lights or roundabouts where you see faded posters, litter or folk walking by.

So the walk around the outskirts of town – as I arrived early (by bus) – was very refreshing. Just the simple act of not being in the office or bolting a sarnie at my desk, seemed to do the power of good. I didn’t have to be anywhere – well, not for a good 40 minutes 🙂 – and that felt very nice indeed. I could, I suppose, checked out the shops, but why bother? There was nothing I needed, not really, and taking that chunk of an hour to do nothing cleared the cobwebs away. Perhaps I should do it more often! 🙂

I guess that goes against the ‘hurry sickness’ that I read about. Clearly it’s not a physical condition, but a state of mind. It’s one that I see in my own life and that of friends and colleagues. The push to get to the next meeting, the seemingly endless information overload of email. As technology makes things quicker, so we seem to speed up to match. I do wonder if they’ll reach a point where we can’t cope with all the data coming in. One thing I do know, if I need to get work done, I have to shutdown my email client and put the telephone on silent. It’s a strange world where you can get more done away from the office, than when you are in it.

Still, a full two days off… and the sun is shining.

Take care,

[ Today’s lyric: I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones.]


  1. You know its odd, your right you dont notice most things around you.
    Point in case, I went along to a Flickr meet. (yes camera geeks) just wondering around the city I came across a whole medieval tower right under my nose next to where I live.
    Never noticed it before.
    This could be proof that I at least am all to0 pre-occupied to open my eyes :O)

  2. Two weeks walking across the wilds of Britain has put me in exactly the same frame of mind – burn cars, telephones and email – that’s wot I say!

  3. Lara > Hello! 🙂 It is rather odd that we wander past so much stuff that really, should stand out.

    Rachel > wb – or welcome back in plain English 🙂 I hope you had a nice break.

    BTW, do we have to burn our cars? I find mine very useful to getting to the shops and the school-run. 😀

  4. Lynn, good post. =) I rather enjoy walking to work and other such things when I have the chance. Not only do I notice more, but I just feel healthier.

  5. Thanks Lizzy.

    It’s great to be able to stretch your legs and wander in to work. A little luxury in today’s busy-busy world. Like you say, it does make you feel good.

    When Mrs Jones and I worked nearby each other, I’d get a lift part of the way and walk the rest. That was nice. A chat in the car and then a walk into work. The best of both worlds…. well, unless it was raining, but you can’t have it all! 🙂

  6. I know what you mean. With mobile internet and wifi spots I’m now connected when far from home and it’s easy to get away from doing work. I once took some work and sat down in a nearby park to do it, was the most productive hour I’ve spent recently and one of the least stressful.
    As for walking I’ve found open spaces and interesting buildings in the middle of town I never knew excisted.

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