“All your clever talk
Leaves you tongue-tied…”

Hi peeps,

With apologies to McGonagall and anyone with a reasonable command of the English language. 😀

With the world’s worst poet now on the go,
I fancied my chances through will and ego,
It’s not that I’m short of a post or such stuff,
and writting these words is increasingly tough.

There’s nothing I needed to get of my chest,
Indeed come Friday we shall be all at rest,
It makes sound like we’re all gonna to die,
Not really, just sat at EMA, waiting to fly.
Two fabby weeks stretched out in the sun,
No mobile, no internet, no contact no-one!

I guess I should stop before this gets tired,
It’s gone on too long – certainly more than desired.
All that remains is to say toodle pip!
If the plane packs in, we’ll come back via ship.
If you fancy a wheeze, please reply in like verse,
But really, no swearing, it’s naughty to curse. 😀

Take care

[ Today’s lyric: Overkill by Kosheen and no, I won’t be giving up the day job just yet 😛 ]


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