“…but style is something versatile”

Hey there peeps,

Another week flies by eh? So what’s been going on? I had a very nice evening out with the ladies at Chams the other night. I was a bit late turning up, but it was good to have a chat. I got to wear my new dress and the shoes I picked up from the shopping trip before last. Good times. I also – and this was a surprise – I got a cupboard key (hey, I must have an honest face!) and a proxy pressie* from Daphne. Both very gratefully received! (* One that’s not directly for you, but nice to get). I also found out a couple of the regulars will be going to this year’s Harmony. I hope it’ll be good.

[ Oh, I’d like to interupt this diary-fest with a brief apology. If you’ve come here looking for deep insights into the transgender paradigm. Ummmm…. sorry, my head seems to be relatively level at the mo, so deep analysis is out of the window. It’s nice to just be able to relax and enjoy life. ]

On Wednesday I had a good day / bad day experience. One of the projects I’d been slaving over was canned. I got the message after ringing the client while I was away on a conference. I’m a bit miffed because my co-workers really put their backs into it, but what can you do? With that little black cloud floating around, my heart just wasn’t in to the dribble some of the sales folk where coming out with. So, I did what every crossdresser does when life gets you down…

I went shopping. 🙂

… and I was glad I did. Rather than brave a journey into the nearby city, I headed out to a retail park. It was a quiet afternoon and the previous black cloud began to drift away as I flicked through the wracks of clothes and checked out next season’s shoes. One of the nice things about some of the high street shops is that on a retail park, the shop will save money by joining forces with their male brands. So, Next has it all under one roof, as does Dotty P’s, TopShop and Burton. A long leisurely look around Dotty’s / TopShop and then drop into Burton to pick up any one pair of jeans and hit the changing rooms. There’s always shorter queues in the male shops too. 🙂

I found two items in the sale: a black dress (bit shorter than I normally like) that had a scarf-like tie to the neck and a black V necked jumper. Both reduced rather significantly and both of them went with things I already own / shouldn’t date too much either.

Talking of fashion – well this is yet another trans blog isn’t it – I have been entertained slighty (Ed: some folk are easily pleased) by some of the women’s magazines my wife gets passed on. H. and her friends will circulate a collection of magazines once they’ve finished reading them and some of the mags are a couple of months out of date. Maybe I’m a bit odd (Ed: only just ‘a bit’?) but I enjoy flicking through the trends to see what did and didn’t catch on. It’s funny reading about next season’s must haves when that season has been and gone and it didn’t catch on. It’s not that I enjoy the negativity of it, no far from it. It’s more that we seem very difficult to predict in our tastes. Some outfits / styles catch the public’s eye and they run for quite some time. Others, like flares, took a long time to come back in. Then there are the items that never seem to go away and remain classics.


[ Today’s lyric: Senser – What’s Going on. I suppose I could have gone for a quote from Mr Wilde if I’d give it a bit more thought 🙂 ]


  1. Your words are Wilde enough for me!

    Glad things are “relatively level” at the moment; enjoy it while it lasts!


  2. OOOH! A cupboard key! You’ll be milk monitor before you know it! LOL!

    I gave up on fashion ages ago. I can’t keep up with it and neither can my purse!

  3. Alan > That’s an awful pun 🙂

    Maddie > LOL. Milk monitor indeed. We’d both be showing our age if I asked do you remember free milk at school? 🙂

    Fashion… fleeting isn’t it. No wonder Primark et al do such a trade. The item’s in fashion for about 1.2 weeks before something new has replaced it. This may be a bit hippyish, but really, is such consumerism good for us or the environment?

  4. They gave out free milk at school? 😉

    In the words of Daryl Hall & Janna Allen “Style is timeless but fashion is only now.” Sadly I have no sense of either!

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