“I’m a professional cynic but my heart’s not in it”

Hi peeps,

Another week rolls by eh? No blog post from last week as I was away on a jolly (and very nice it was too!). I’ve got a fair big of blogging to catch up on (other peoples, not mine) and I wonder what you good folk have been up to.

Despite the warm weather, the nights are now drawing in and that, of course, can only mean one thing. Okay, more than one thing, a) it’ll be colder, b) they’ll be more lights on and c) trans season will soon be upon us. It also means that Autumn fruits (no, the other sort) will be ready now. Apples, blackberries, etc. Yum!!

This month’s glossies are showing off the new Autumn fashions and the ladies at work have been quick to adopt some of these looks (despite the warmth of the air conditioning). Today I saw a young lady in shoes that’d make your average crossdresser wince. Yes, they were *that* high and very pointy (they made my feet hurt just thinking about them). Clearly, this season, it’s good to be a bloke in a dress. Hems and heels are high while tights are dark and legs are long. 🙂

That all said, last night was the forth (maybe even the fifth?) time in a row that I’ve been out to NottsChams in Bob mode. I don’t know if it’s a weather thing, or just that I’ve hit a plateau where I’m happy just to go a long for a chat. Sure, I don’t get to glam it up, but that said, I can just jump in the car and go home. There’s no half hour of deprincessing at the end which is kinda a good thing.

In other news – sorry, if today’s post is a bit me-me-me, it’ll be my birthday next week and my lovely wifey and family have asked me what I’d like. Honestly tho…. I couldn’t think of anything. Actually, that’s not strictly true, perhaps I couldn’t think of things I’d like *them* to buy me. 🙂 I really must get my finger out and go see what’s in the shops. Talking of birthdays, there seems to be a gaggle of them next time at NottsChams. What it is about September birthdays and TGism? Coo, there’s a worrying trend eh? 🙂

Take care

[ Today’s lyric is the Britpoptastic Blur – is it me or is this getting more Smashie & Nicey by the week? – with Country House. Hmmmlifesized Mousetrap. Could be a winner for the Chams‘ Xmas do! 🙂 ]


  1. Is your boy name really Bob? I missed this (or forgot it) up until now.

    If it is Bob, then your girl name *has* to be Kate. It’s the *law*.

    Sorry, I don’t make these laws up you know.

    (“Kate… that’s short for er… Bob”)

  2. Becky > Shhh… You’ll blow my cover! [/Arnold] Sadly no, it’s not Bob. (“So then…. Bob…?”)

    Emma > lol. Like some hard-core version of the Yo-Toy kids shoes then? 🙂

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