“Here comes the rain again”

Hey-ya 🙂

Fun week? I hope so.

Today was rather interesting. Everyone at work seemed to be demob happy. Talk about your Friday feeling. I was wondering if they’ve been putting stimulants in the water coolers (again). It’s that or someone left the tunnel open. Some weeks you limp toward Friday glad that you made it through the week. Heh. Life in the modern office eh? Today though, folk were bordering on the jubilant. Fun though 🙂

TG stuff is all quite at the mo as trans folk seem to be the anti-bears. The Urge ™ seems to hibernate during the summer. Summer? Well okay, we’ve had a *lot* of rain. Luckily, not as much as the good folk of Yorkshire et al so we’re some way off filling my opaques with sand to hold back the tide. How are things in your neck of the woods?

I’m not madly keen on getting soaked (!!) but if I’m honest I’d rather be cold than too hot. We’ve had a couple of real scorchers (summers that is) and between you and me, it’s nice not to be too hot. Summer frocks seem to come and go at work but most ladies seem to be sticking to the classic black trousers. I saw a lady in boots the other day. Mind you, it was chucking it down. No, they were not wellingtons before you ask. 🙂

Earlier in the week I was reminiscing about my childhood and we got on to the subject of role models. Stephanie posted an alternative take on my recollections and this is good because it stops and makes you think about a memory, or even a truth, that you consider to be fact. Given that train of thought: who in today’s society or popular culture even speaks or represents the TG contingent? I think it’s a tough question to answer because we’re all walking our own path. Yeah, I know you wouldn’t have thought they’d be so much politics about a bloke in a dress, but hey, I didn’t make the rules. 🙂 Some people say Mr Izzard does a good job. Others say Mr Grayson speaks more for them. What about authors? Does Helen Boyd (My Husband Betty) help too? There are also folks from “the scene” if you will. Bloggers or girls we know who risk their chances with the media.

[ No prizes for guessing today’s blast from the past. The Eurythmics of course. ]


  1. Yes, I saw a girl in knee length boots the other day – teamed with a business suit on a just above the above the knee skirt. Which is rather comforting, as it debunks the myth RGs don’t wear 3″ heeled knee length boots… yes they do!

  2. Sounds foxy. Do you have any pictures? 🙂

    Black trousers and ballet shoes seem to be the order of the day for the ladies at work. Boots seem to be reserved for autumn weather (like we now have in July).

    I find it quite fascinating – if that’s not too Spock like – to see what people wear to work. Especially if you compare those outfits to what’s available in the shops or what’s being ‘pushed’ in fashion mags.

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