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The Merry Men

The bona bijou City of Nottingham is packed with omi-polone and beancoves? I couldn’t believe my orbs! [BTW, apologies for the ropey Polari]

I got this link from Penny’s blog (Idle Thoughts, Furious Musings). It’s about Nottingham being the 7th Most Gay City in England & Wales.

How gay our celtic cousins are, I’m not sure. Let’s think: the national dress that shows off manly legs, they’re nation of hardmen, like a good time and going out seems a national pastime. Nah…. 🙂 But what would I know, I’m only a bit Scots. (Ed: but which bit?)

Anyhoo – Gay Nottingham? I must confess it makes me feel a little bit cosmopolitan! I’d like to think that the good people of Nottingham (pronouned Not-ing-um) are fairly accepting. There’s the occasional whiff of bigotry, but then you get that everywhere. The city is packed with young folk mainly due to the two universities and possibly, that explains matters. I’m not a guru on gay life in Nottm, so please forgive my ignorance. I know there are a few clubs and bars in town, but we’re along way from Canal Street.

Still, if there’s a reasonably sized community, hopefully there’s a bit of a support network too. I know a young lad at one place I used to work really struggled coming to terms with it. Some of the things he said rang a few bells. Secrecy, wanting to conform and the ‘am I normal?’ bit too. 

Robina Hood?

Oh and it’s NC tonight, so no doubt I’ll be pondering what to wear when I should be thinking about work. Hmmm…. maybe thigh boots, a stout pair of hose and a tunic 😀


  1. “(pronouned Not-ing-um)” or as my Norfick inlaws would say, “It do be Not-en-num.”

    Enjoy yourself tonight. Slim chance I could have turned up except that all my stuff is in Kettering right now. 🙁

    And you may want to set your xrecorder for BBC3 tonight at 10pm for “Drag Queens” part 2 – a drag makeover lesson, scary eh?

  2. Just had a funny turn (I know, I get a lot of ’em) on clicking on the link to the “Location, location, orientation” article. West Lindsey, Lincolnshire – just up the road – is No.2 on the least gay list, eek! Won’t be strutting my stuff round there. 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel,

    That sounded just like my Uncle Fred! The Beeb has (had?) a website dedicated to accents and a map so you could listen to them. Cool stuff (if you like that type of thing). It’s amazing the variation within one county, let alone the whole nation.

    Ummm… how come all your gear is in Kettering? Do you have that much or just two homes? 🙂

    BTW BBC3? I didn’t see anything on the schedules. Any chance of a link please?

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