“But everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same.”

Hi peeps,

Ahhh, the Easter break is upon us. Traffic and DIY shop chaos will ensure no doubt, but hey, it’s a few days away from you-know-what isn’t it. With a bit of luck, the weather will be good too.


Earlier in the week I ended up in a bit of town that I used to live it. The place had gone development mad! A new road system and the builders are… ummm… building on just about every plot of land they can lay their hands on. Shops, petrol stations, pubs, houses with big gardens – they’ve all gone to be replaced with those new town houses. Or, as my Dad likes to call them: ‘flats’.

They are, of course, a small fortune, so I wonder who’s buying them? Not first time buyers I’d have thought. I keep hearing folk say ‘Ah, but property is always a sure thing’. Hmmm. Remember 1990?

Technology Empowers

I stumbled on to a link for Dirtside Atomic. It’s a sci-fi action web-film featuring folk from our little community (some you may know). I’ve only had a cursory glance, but it’s very impressive. In one way, it’s fantastic to see what people can do armed with a few props, some computer gadgetry, some fabby outfits and their imagination.

No T-news?

Yeah, it’s been a kinda funny few weeks really. Having been away from home and the foot-to-the-floor return to work, there’s been little chance for any trans related stuff. I’m beginning to get that itch (Ed: you can get a cream for that) where I want to go out, kick back and relax. Still, it’s the social next week, so something else to look forward to!


  1. New tiny, boxy, starter homes all squashed together that look like they’ve been designed by Lego? Best description I’ve come across was spotted by my wife in the paper…

    Pixie Shit!


  2. Heh. If they were Lego assembly the houses could be easily moved and combined to form a nice house somewhere else. How cool would that be? 🙂

    The other day I heard these box homes being described as ‘the slums of tomorrow’. A worrying thought.

  3. These new ‘homes’ make the traditional terraces look roomy…

    Dirtside Atomic is fantastic. You have to watch it… I saw it at Sparkle last year and was blown away; not ‘cos there’s trannies in it, or its CGI content or the acting, but just ‘cos it’s done on such a small budget in a garage by obvious amateurs.
    I’m trying to persuade Deb Spoopoo to sell me the series on DVD…

  4. I’ve just looked at Dirtside Atomic…briefly. It’s absolutely extraordinary!! And if you read some of the tech stuff – all shot on home camcorder and a £22 microphone. Really amazing. Going to put a link up on my site I think.

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