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[Ed looks around] Has she gone? Aye, looks like it. Probably gone off to check her eyebrows and that summerglow body moisturiser or summat. Crossdressers eh? 🙂 So who am I? The dark side to Lynn’s oh-so witty self indulgence? Maybes. Humour with a serated edge. The lead pipe of self deprecation. It seems that I’m the internal – yet vocal – critic that pops up once in a while. Popping the trans bubble when it all gets a little too much. But really, I’m just a mask. A comedy facade where she can put the jester’s boot in because this blog has, just ever-so slightly, got it’s tongue in it’s cheek. Sometimes it works. Other times? Tumble-weed central.

I’m certainly not him, nor her – although, truth be told, there is no him/her: she is him and he is her. There’s only one person behind this blog. Lynn is just a name*. One could argue that’s a pseudonym that XXXX sits behind. Or you could say that when dressed up, the name George just doesn’t feel right. 🙂 Again, another mask.

So how many masks do you wear? Is there only one version of you? Do you self-edit and behave differently with customers, colleagues, friends, children or your lover? Silly question. Hell, there are truths that we don’t like to admit to ourselves never mind other people.

Normal service will resume tomorrow… once I’ve hidden the tweezers.


  1. There’s only one of me… WYSIWYG. Shortly after I booted down the closet door (about 20 months ago) I made the decision that I wasn’t going to actively hide anymore… but I wouldn’t be blatant about being trans’. You can push people too far…

    Apart from that, yes, I really am a one-girl riot.

  2. Hi Riot grrl. Is that another Pitchshifter reference? 🙂

    > booted down the closet door

    V. Tank Girl. 🙂

    To state the obvious there’s a difference between hiding and changing your behaviour. There are things that I don’t talk to my ‘straight’ friends about because it would freak them out. Hiding or tact? Hmmm…

    That said, I’ve met folk (T and otherwise) who are completely different in their work and social behaviour. It’s really quite something to see the change in people.

  3. WYSIWYG? Read the lyrics…

    Ahh, I had a different concept of the handle ‘Riot grrl’… According to a book I was lent (So You Want To Be A Lesbian?) a riot grrl is a young feminist activist, who may or may not be a lesbian.
    *thinks for a minute*
    Ah, that’s me (just remembered the CJB protests ten years ago…)
    Oh, and I can kick a door off its’ hinges, wearing 4″ heeled boots. It takes practice and a lot of boots. And shin splints.

    The word I was looking for in my last comment was ‘passivity’… if they didn’t ask, I wouldn’t tell. There are things I wouldn’t mention to people about my life, though I’m not sure whether it’s because of tact or because I just don’t think they’d be interested…

    People are just weird when out of their natural environment, whether at work or at home. No wonder psychoanalysts make so much money!

  4. Hmmm, now I know why the sample ‘mal-adjusted freaks’ has been surfacing in my head these past few days. Another computer acronym immortalised.

    Riot grrls. Well, what’s in a label? Activist works, although personally, I saw it used to with female Grunge bands. Clearly, showing my age here.

    kick a door off its’ hinges, wearing 4″ heeled boots
    Tranny SAS? 🙂 I’m sorry, but I have to ask, where did you get the doors to try this out on?

    if they didn’t ask, I wouldn’t tell
    Holding back can be a good thing. I enjoy listening to what folk have to say, but not when it’s all “I’m dead great, me”. IMO, it’s better when there’s interaction.

    Hmmm… I think that’s why blogging appeals; there’s chance for communication between people and the conversations – if that word applies here – are such that anyone can chip in. Of course, being public, we’re back to self-censorship aren’t we. 🙂

  5. Hi Lynn
    Just thought I would drop in to show you I'm still at it and how far I am {Ed: he means in your blog..} Hey! I'm in G mode at the mo.. {Ed: woops sorry, SHE means in your blog, not in … er … I've lost it…. this gender pronoun lark is not for me, I'm off, let me know when your normal again… .}
    Ah! a moot point. Anyway, what I wanted to say was I'm glad to see you have a Mr. Ed. I thought I was the only wierd one with an editor when blogging. Yours may not have the same job description as mine but its nice to have one. By the way I have complicated the situation by having also an Imp (resides left shoulder) and a sentient PDA (resides "in" cloud 9) when I have a blank in the patter, they all chip in with comments and suggestions until I'm back on track.
    Oh yes. My Ed: wants to know if your Mr. Ed: has ever seen the US series of the same name, Me thinks your Ed: may have been a little young to have seen it. If I have lost you along the line google it.
    Back later if I may.

    1. Hi Wilbur….. 😉

      Wow, this is a post from a long time ago in a Travelodge, somewhere, far, far, away. 🙂

      I think Channel Four re-ran some of the episodes at the tail end of the 80s. Jeez, the stuff we used to watch before we had exabytes of cat videos eh?

      Sadly, the Mr Ed in my head, rarely edits; he only offers pithy comments from time to time. Although, that said, he's been oddly quiet these last few years. Maybe the drugs do work 🙂

    2. .. I must admit I was slightly confused with the " Wilbur" reference, then the "Post" arrived! With hindsight we did look at some wierd stuff in our youth..
      I'm still working my way through your "backlog" and at this rate will surface around chrismas, wish me luck..

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