“Here she comes – the great leveller”

Hello peeps.

Good weekend? Mine was cool thanks. More on that later in the week.

Excuses 1 to X

I was late because….

  • I’d rather sit and enjoy my breakfast than face the rush hour.
  • the hoovering seemed more important than the project.
  • I could be.
  • five minutes in heels is heaven.
  • I’m going out this week and I wanted to try on a couple of outfits.

Personally, I like to combine 2 and 4. I get what I want and a little bit of housework gets done too.

Blogs outside the Trannisphere

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do tend to find myself surfing through the same web sites. There’s nothing wrong with a few favourites is there. From a non-TG point of view I’ll read tech blogs as part of my work, but while technically interesting, they’re not about people or events – just gadgets (yawn).  So, in light of this I’ve been wandering through other peoples blogrolls.

I’ve been enjoying the warm up to the wedding (and other things) on Jane’s Slothblog.  The joke collection blog made me laugh and it’s a good idea (how many times have you lost the punchline at the wrong time?). I haven’t quite plucked up the courage (silly tart) to post comments because I’ve got this daft idea that it’ll make me more visible. Hell, I’m on the damned Internet, how non-stealth is that? Ahh, egg shell peacock mentality – every crossdresser’s dilema. To be included, but not outed.

On another note, Minerva’s blog puts many things I ponder about into perspective. If you’ve not read any of it – and I urge you to do so – the blog is about her fight against cancer. If Jane’sblog will make you laugh, Minerva’s will make you cry. The last post – about friends and contact – reminded me of grief. More accurately, some of your friends cannot be there for you when you lose someone. I don’t know about you, but I find it socially awkward to talk about that for the fear of prying or upsetting someone (Ed: like the latter worries you when you’re oh-so witty). Equally tho, when it happened to me, I was glad to just talk about things. Silly things to the big navel gazing stuff that death makes you think about. (“Why are we here?”, “Is their really an afterlife?” “Why should work worry me when life is so short?”, “Who will look after the children?”).

When a co-worker’s Dad died, I fought the urge to hide away and avoid sensible coversation. “How’s it going? Considering…” I asked. I think we stood there and talked in the coffee room for about an hour, looking out at the traffic queue and drift by. Just talking about this that and the other. Hell, if he wanted to talk to someone – anyone indeed – I was willing to listen. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

F***. I’m welling up and it’s been five years. I miss her. Perhaps, as someone once said to me, you never get over it, you just get used to it. Cheerful thoughts eh? Quick say something about shoes or make-up, this is supposed to be yet another t-girl blog. 😀


  1. Hiya Lynn, Thanks for the shout out. I’m glad you enjoy the joke collection blog as well, The Laughing Sloth

    Don’t feel scared about posting, it’s only a tiny part of the bloggisphere, the one I occupy but so far most of the inhabitants have proved to be hip and groovy!

  2. Hi Jane,

    Credit where credit’s due and all that. Do you accept submissions? 🙂

    Don’t feel scared about posting
    If you look at is sensibly, then yes, I shouldn’t. There’s just this nagging doubt at the back of my mind that if I put myself about enough, someone’ll see me.

    Still, can’t be any more dangerous than walking down the high street en femme. 🙂

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