Because life, Mrs. Brown
It’s just one big knees up

Hey folks,

Hope you had a good week.

The FBI and Wookies

I was down the pub – lunchtime drinking, it’s great – and talk somehow got on to surveillance (as you do). Someone mentioned every ones favourite cross dressing FBI director (or so the rumour mill says). After the talk about how many files he’d kept on celebs of the day, conversation swung around to his (alleged) hobbies. “Oh, he batted for the other side didn’t he?” one of the new lads piped up.

Ahhh… fave trans misconception number 1. You’re wearing a frock, so clearly you’re a friend of Dorothy. This doesn’t offend me, it’s a common misconception. Does it work the other way I wonder? Are you only a ‘proper’ gay man if you’ve done drag? 🙂 Knickers does it. I wanted to point this out, but hey, you don’t want to draw undue attention to yourself do you? 🙂 It’s the little things: attitudes, topics of conversation or not checking you got all of last night’s nail varnish off your rather shapely nails properly. DOH! 🙂

The office air con system is all over the place at the mo and a number of men have been wearing short sleeved shirts. I could not believe how hairy there forearms were! I guess I must be lucky. Okay, so I have some arm hair, but I’m bald as a coot compared to these Chewie wannabes. (Laugh it up, fuzzball). Ahhh. The luck of genetics eh? Shame my legs aren’t the same, but you can’t have everything can you. 🙂

“A night on the town….”

Last night’s visit to Chams was good fun: an evening of highs and lows (see later). I was late setting off as I had to change my outfit. I was going to wear my wrap dress and knee boots again (a favourite) but the right hand side of my chest was doing a very good impersonation of the surface of Mars (Okay, I didn’t have a Viking lander on it but it was red and bumpy). That’s the downside with epilators. I epilated on Monday, but sometimes you get a flare-up days afterwards. Normally, it’s okay, but not this week. Ah well! A quick swap around and it was on to black skirt, fancy cardie and biscuit coloured top (hmmm… biscuits). One of these days I will master coloured nail polish.

Daphne had brought along some carpet boules, so her and a few folk busied themselves rolling miniature boules (??) up and down the main room. Cue much laughter and cackling from the next room. We had a new visitor (Beth – hello if you’re reading) which is always good. I was again, great fun to sit back, enjoy a nice cup of tea and just chat. I caught up with Rebecca over her weekend away – that was interesting (that would be great in the newsletter, Rebecca. No pressure tho!).

“More like a teacup in a storm”

Towards the end of the evening my spider sense went off. Then a few folk went off to talk in private. What you didn’t know trans folk have superpowers? Superman: big red pants, blue tights and boots. Batman – body armour? Corset more like. Wonder Woman: need I say any more? 🙂

Where were we? Yes, spider sense. That high pitched whistling that I’d heard earlier was indeed the 20 kiloton sh*tstorm bomb that was about to airburst. [sighs] That culminated in an emergency meeting of the group regulars (those that sort out the bills, events, catering, paperwork, hardware, website and forum) before we had a big chat with everyone in the main room over the future of the group. Personally, I have no issues with the way the group is run. Decisions are inclusive, we get up to various activities (no, nothing kinky) and last year’s Xmas party was – to use the language of poets – “a f***ing beaut”. Apart from the social the group gets up to, there is the website / forum / helpline which is used by girls in the closet. These folk are the next wave and if they need help – even just someone to talk to – who are we to refuse that? It’s a chance to give back. Hell, we all know what we had to go through to get where we are today. If you can make the journey easier for the next generation, can this only be a good thing?

I’m don’t know exactly what was said, the context or the place. To be honest, I don’t give a monkey’s. I’m not interested in finger pointing or seeking apologies. What’s done is done. It’s sad but I’ve got into Proj Mgr mode: if it’s broke, let’s fix it. If it’s not broke – leave it alone.

On a more serious note, I think that what may have happened is that there’s been a misinterpretation of what someone said. This has caused deep offence amongst those who put themselves out doing running that keeps the group going (bills, catering, prepping the venue, web forum, PR, etc). The thing is that once you’ve been offended, you can’t switch that reaction off just because someone suggests that it may have been accidental. God only knows the amount of times I’ve said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I feel that many feathers have been ruffled and we all need a little time to take a step back and take a few deep breaths. When the something (or someone) you care about is threatened you go on the defensive – it’s human nature. Fingers crossed for the future tho eh?

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