Attack of the Blonde Ubervixens

I had had mental block over a suitable title. I could have said writer’s block, but that would suggest I have literary asperations, rather than being just another blogger. 🙂 Anyhoo, what’s been going off on Planet Lynn?

The UK – at least where we are – is roasting. I think it must have been 32 or nearabouts today. Far too warm for me, Little Man or H. I am definitly an autumn/winter person. Give me bracing walks through the frost covered countryside, a soft October sun and the the run up to Christmas. However, summertime does mean we can sit outside under the shade of the cherry tree with our feet in Little Man’s new paddling pool. Ahhh, bliss.

Talking of the wee man, he was a year older earlier in the week. We threw a party to celebrate: family, friends, cake, pop and beer. I good time was had by all. I can’t believe that the toddlers drank all the real ale though. Little sh**s 🙂

In other good news, it looks like H’s firm won’t be closing up shop just yet, so things are back on the rails again. Phew! There’s also the chance that she might be able to switch divisions – hopefully to one that’s got better prospects. Go H.!

On Saturday, we had a babysitter (thanks Aunty P!) and we went off to meet some of my friends from work. After a particularly good meal in Nottingham, we headed off to Hockley for a pint. Neither H. nor I tend to be out in Nottingham during the weekend – well, certainly not the evenings – so it was quite a surprise to see how the other half live. H. & co got a table while I made my way to the bar. The place was packed and I’ve not seen so much flesh on show before. Honestly, I though some T-girls dress trashy, [me-ow] but surely there are more fashion options that having straight white blonde hair, a golden tan and microshorts. To each there own! I was a bit miffed to see the girl in front of me get touched up by a guy one his way out. What is it that makes blokes do that? Hmmm. How wude. 😐

Having spent a lot of time in the sun at the weekend, I’ve – much to my own amusement* – got tan lines on my feet. Whoops. Better get busy with the fake tan I guess.

[ * I’m easily amused. Go figure. 🙂 ]

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