You run for cover in the temple of love

Hi folks,

Good weekend? I hope so. I know I did… at least what I can remember (and that’s without any alcohol being consumed). We spent most of Saturday at my sister’s house or down the park entertaining her kids. How does she cope as a single mum?

Thursday went without any major hitches. Little Man was off to be early due to a lack of a nap at Nursery and (when I went/came back) H. and I didn’t have any fireworks. This can only be a good thing! Perhaps I should travel in bloke mode more often. I guess a lot of life is about compromise, but compromise (on both sides) is better than conflict.

The night at Chams was rather fun and it was a bit of a change to be wearing jeans rather than my usual outfits. I’d painted my toes – okay, my toenails to be specific, painted toes would be a bit too performance art – for the first time and I rather liked the look. Don’t ask me to explain, but somehow we all ended up playing Rounders. Yeah, go figure. 🙂

In other news there’s been a bit of a flap between the two social groups: Derby and Nottingham. The crux of it is that both events run on opposite Thursdays. However, one has – so I’m told – switched to weekly events. I guess the good folk at Nottingham are concerned that everyone will travel down to Derby (after all, many folk travel up from their for the Nottingham meetings). I really hope that there’s enough room for us all. Social groups are few and far between – we’re quite lucky in this neck of the woods with Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leicester all hosting something at various parts of the month. Fingers crossed eh?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but some odd has happened to the TV (I mean television). There seems be nothing much on but 22 men kicking around a pig’s bladder. I must confess that I find it all rather confusing. I know some folk are “mad for it” (and not just the Gallagers) but really it leaves me cold. So much for possible male bonding through team sports. Rats. Foiled again. Anyhoo – if you are watching it, have fun…. and to those not watching it, I hope you’re not bored stiff by the lunch time analysis. 😀

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  1. Hi Lin

    Following the recent issues, Rob the Landlord at the Liversage has taken over control of all Thursday nights and has launched –

    Livi’s socials which are now being held at the Liversage in Derby every Thursday.

    Nottingham Chameleons are continuing to meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at the Temple Centre. All other thursdays we are trecking over to Derby to Livi’s as usual.

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