Summer Loving?

What is it with the Grease jokes? Enough already! Well, we’ve got an all male ballet review, so I guess it’s just a matter of time before someone does a TG Grease. 🙂 Actually, dare I Google that? I’m sure someone’s got some Sandy pix somewhere.

Summer Wardrobe

You may have already read that P. and I were having a bit of a sale on Ebay. Nothing like getting folk to give you money for you old tatt. Anyway, P. asked if I wanted to keep anything before she flogged it on. There was a very nice yellow and red (no, stay with me) sleaveless shift dress… which I have kept and wore to Saturday’s Chams do in Leicester. I did my underarms – which took an age and still feel a bit odd now – although I did take a cardy for the trip between car and venue. I had a good time out and met some familiar faces and some new folk too.

The one down side with all this out and about stuff is that I forget to take a camera. 🙂 Vanity? Moi? Non. 🙂

Eh? Summer wardrobe?

Yeah, you got me. It is only just April and woooo, it is cold some nights. Don’t let the bright blue skies and foxy summer fashions fool you. Like they did me. 🙂

Kinky Boots

P. and I watched Kinky Boots the other night and found it pretty funny. Sometimes I think we go in, to any Brit comedy, expecting to laugh our socks off. While there were a couple of good lines, it didn’t floor me. It was, however, good fun and although there were maybe two weak points in the plot, the film was worth watching and there are worse ways to spend an evening.

BTW, the guy who plays Lola is also in Serenity. So don’t f*** with him/her.

Now for a bit of local colour. It’s not quite on the same scale as the Northampton factory make-over, but just down the road used to be a firm called Beeva Garments. They made bras, controlware, etc for women. They were also the people behind (I don’t know if you ever had a look). The web site is still there, but the factory has been turned into trendy flats. That or they’re having one hell of a make-over in there. 🙂

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