Keep ’em peeled

Police 5

[cue Mr Taylor’s voice over]

Monday, 20th March in Nottingham. Where you in the vicinity of Boots the Chemist? Perhaps somewhere near the make-up counter? Did you see a young man in motor bike gear approach the No. 7 counter? Shamelessly he asked the young lady assistant for some help in buying new foundation. Not only did the young rascal engage in polite conversation, but he paid for the goods promptly and politely.

If you saw him, call Trans-Spotters now. Remember, you could get a Community Action bonus.


Yeah, I finally get around to buying some new slap and yes, I was very nervous. It’s odd really. It’s one thing to walk around a shopping centre dressed like a women, but it’s another thing entirely to walk up and ask for make-up as as a bloke. Funny old world init? 🙂

Still, the young lady who served me was very helpful and chatty too. Apparantly, a lot of blokes buy No 7. Really? I wonder if it’s just a certain group of blokes? Who knows. I did a jawline test while there, because, frankly, I didn’t want to waste my pennies. Looks like they’ll be a test drive this Thursday, as Chams is on again.

Equal Ops?

Last week work put on a Diversity Training workshop with four actors and a presenter… ummm… acting out various scenes of discrimination. Each little sketch would be about 5 – 10 minutes and then we’d be invited to discuss the issues.

I must confess I was expecting the whole thing to be very dull, but it was quite the opposite. We had most of the “isms” (racism, sexism, agism – careful how you say the last one) but they also chucked in homophobia. The latter wasn’t so much out-and-out hatred, moreover that one of the characters (is that right?) was struggling to come out at work. He was intimidated by your bog-standard stereotype jokes from one of the other characters and he didn’t want to come out for fear of being judged. This, naturally, rang a few bells. 🙂 I wonder how many other TG / closet gay folk where in the audience thinking the same thing? Oh to be a mind-reader some days eh? 🙂

I don’t plan on coming out at work, although I know a rare few who have. Some have come out, others outed. I don’t think I’d like the latter (been there b4) although seriously I do wonder if anyone would really give a monkeys. Perhaps office gossip for a week or three and then you’d be background noise.

Not that I plan testing that theory.

Until next time…. keep ’em peeled. 🙂


  1. My, aren’t we trawling the archives. 🙂

    Eh? ‘Shaw’ is a first name now? Is there no end to this madness? People’ll be calling their kids after cities next. 🙂

    So it is ‘Shaw’ – well, you live an learn. No wonder I struggled to find anything on Google.

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