I got all my sisters with me

What can I say? Thursday night at Nottingham Chameleons was just fantastic. I’d toyed with the idea of getting changed down the road, but I took the wrong route and decided to head straight for the venue instead.

Everyone was very welcoming (thanks girls!) and I met up with a few email friends – Maddie and Rachel. That was great to have a chinwag and talk shop (trans stuff) with like minded people.

The group are on the move soon, they switch to a new venue up in Nuthall. That’ll be easier for me to get to.

Mrs J had waited up for me – bless her – and we had a talk about it. She said she’d been looking on the Internet about how other wives deal with their crossdressing husbands. Mrs J said that in one post a lady (GG, not t-girl) had said she was attracted to men who (and I quote) “were not macho chest-beaters”. She said that this rang a bell and the poster went on to say that she found she had to accept that you don’t normally get many straight men who love shopping, dislike sports and are happy to talk about clothes or Sex & the City….. or more to the point, not straight men who don’t want to dress up.

I feel like we’ve cleared the air and it’s great. I hope that this understanding between us (not the going out bit, although that’s cool!) is a new strength in our relationship.

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