Killer Heels

Despite being a miserable old mare sometimes, I must confess to enjoying the xmas season so far. Sure, we’ve got a sh**load of wrapping to do, but on the plus side, P. and I have been to the works’ xmas do and have just about finished the christmas shopping.

The xmas do was a blast. We both had a very nice time dancing the night away and the food and company was excellent. Sometimes I wonder if this is the best bit about xmas. Meeting up with people you’ve not seen for ages and sharing the good times. You can stick your high street queues and novelty markets. 🙂 Well, nearly…

The xmas party season is the time for some trans folk. Clothes are spangly and showy. Shoes are high and everyone’s on a roll. I gotta say though that I’m surprised that some women can dance in those heels! 🙂 Actually, I’m not that surprised… it’s down to practice! 🙂

In other news I’ve got some time off later this week to go and get my car serviced. That’ll mean a full day off because the garage isn’t local. But on the brightside that means some shopping while the wheel nuts get tightened and afterwards… perhaps time to pop home, dress up or go shopping. I’m thinking about dropping a few friends a line to see if they’re up for some face to face time. Fingers crossed.

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