I can’t get no sleep…

Last night I had trouble sleeping. I’m not sure if it’s the hour long nap I had in the afternoon, the idea that I’m visable (with a blog) or this month’s big obsession is running my mind like a treadmill.

So what’s this month’s obsession? Well, it’s not going out en femme (which is a rush all in itself and would be nice). I’m seriously thinking about a) waxing my legs or b) using my epilator on them.

I’m away on business for a week (as I start a new job soon) and the fun and games surrounding this is beginning to pile up. Part of me knows that cross dressing – at least for me – is a good way to let off steam (honestly, you straight blokes have no idea! ). I also know that doing it is going to rub my wife up the wrong way.

It’s not a good situation. Interestingly the paper had an article about happiness. To paraphrase a section of it, it’s what we don’t have and lust after that makes up unhappy. I’m a fairly contented soul and I have a good life. So why is it that we always want something more?

Answers on a post card to…. 🙂

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