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Last night I got what felt like the first proper night’s sleep in a while. A combination of a change in getting up time, brighter mornings, Hound 1 wanting a middle of the night trip outside two nights on the go (bless him), and then that brain spin where you just can’t seem to switch off.

For this reasons, and I’m not providing an excuse 🙂, I have been the wrong side of tired for most of this week. Too tired to summon the violins as I weep dramatically from my chair 😁

Jokes aside, tiredness is a funny beast for me. I find my creativity drops and I do need to feel I’m with it when it comes to writing anything here. Not that I feel I’m writing anything deep, profound, or unique, but to come up with a theme or topic to write around, well, it can be tricky some weeks.

To that end, leaving the Friday night blog post to just now is somewhat of a gamble. If the week has been a bit full on, tiredness creeps up on me and if my list of ideas is short, writing is tough.

Who has an alarm clock nowadays?

So why am I writing this? Well, some folk have asked how do you keep a blog going. It may sound trite, but like a long walk, you just keep going. By not posting at all, I think there’s a risk you stop and it can feel like coming back after so long is too big a hill to climb. I absolutely do not judge anyone who’s stopped or paused, that’s totally your decision.

Part of that keeping going approach is to store up ideas as they come to you, and sometimes they come along at the oddest time. On a walk, mid conversation while talking about something else, as I nod off, in the shower, etc. Interestingly, not while trying to think of something though.

This week I’ve not been topping up the ideas list, so you’ve got this ramble 😁 But, in more positive news, Chams may be open next month. I guess I just need to remember how to put my lippy on and walk in heels. It’s been a long three months. 🙂

L x


    1. Chams may be open in April, Sue. We had an email from the lovely organiser of the venue last week. It’s still early days, but I think we can say the group are very hopeful. It’s been a long few months! 🙂

      As to sleep, a weekend has helped and trying to avoid too much screen time before bed may well do too. On the other side of it, making notes when the ideas come helps creativity.

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