When in doubt, overpack.

Hey folks,

While shuffling a new monitor on my desk, I found a large round pebble. Nothing particularly exciting about that. It was grey, well worn and smooth to the touch. Perhaps one from a river, or the sea then? Turning it over, I smiled briefly, noting that I’d written Robin Hood’s Bay, 2012, on it. It was then that my mind drifted, back to a pleasant stroll along an autumnal beach. hands behind my back and the sea air gently blowing in my face. Gone, was the hubbub of the office, and the ring of telephones; just me and a moment of tranquillity. So, is that a greater part of what life is? No, not messages on metamorphics, or scrawlings on sedimentaries, but series of small, happy events.

Regular readers may remember that I’ve moved the Our Different Journey content, to a page on this blog. Rachel has been kind enough to add her journey to the collection. That reminds me, I need to pick up my ‘things that help’ page too, but that’s for another time.

It was Chameleons this Thursday, and Wednesday night, I was at a loss of what to wear, and therefore, what to pack. With both wardrobe doors open wide, I stared at the items hung up, but nothing spoke to me. Not literally, I might add. That’s a) a bit bonkers, or b) a bit to Silence of the Lambs, for my liking. 🙂 More accurately, I can look through what I have, and have a feeling for what I’d like to wear and what may go together. This time, however, whatever inner guidance system I use, clearly, the batteries needed changing.

Remember T-rule #2: When in doubt: overpack. 🙂

#1. No one talks about T Club, but it’s okay to post pictures
#2. When in doubt, overpack
#3. More is less, unless it’s more shoes, which is fine.
#4. Be as out as you feel comfortable with
#5. Know your exits and know you exist. You are a person and you’re okay.

Skipping forward to Thursday, I was hauling my rather heavy bag up the stairs to get changed. I was, as a rare treat, slightly earlier than I would normally be. The doubt that I’d felt before had melted away, replaced by a feeling of what might be. Maybe, I said to myself, you ought to think less – worry less, even – and just enjoy more.

Bag open: I put the boots aside, that I’d bought for Kim (seeing as they were languishing at the back of my cupboard), and quickly sorted through what I was going to wear (see right). I was in a mood for a skirt. Don’t ask me why, sometimes it’s a dress day, jeans-day, or leggings-plus-ballet-pumps: today, it was skirt and top. I had replaced the medical tape I’d lost and coupled with the fact, I’ve not been out walking as much as I should, there was… umm… ample working material shall we say. 🙂

Getting made up is somewhat of a strange thing. Okay, I’ll gloss (!) over the social comedy (?) of a guy in full make-up, and say this instead: when I start to do my face, there comes a point when who I see back in the mirror, is less bloke with make-up, and more…. well, umm, more, not ‘me’. I guess the change in skin tone, the use of liner, eye make-up, powder, and everything else, the everyday face I am used to seeing, goes away a little. This time around, it was as I applied powder and eyeliner, that that happened. Some days, it’s much later, or even, not until I put my wig on. Go figure.

Talking of Kim, she reminded me about that eye make-up demo I’d promised her. Sophie had also popped in to say hi, so listened in too. I felt a little odd, but at the same time, hopeful that maybe what works for me, might work for someone else. Again, another little moment. Pat was back after a number of months away (eye op), so it was very much an evening of reunions.

Downstairs was busy, with at least six new people. Three people on their own and a family of three. It’s rare we get families come along, and as Alison and the others, were looking after them, I felt it best not to barge my way in. All went well and a quick tot up at the end of the night, meant we’d covered the rent, rather than running at a slight loss.

All in all, a series of small, good happenings, making for a great evening. That was topped off by much larking about with Sophie and some snaps. Well, it wouldn’t be a night out to Chams without some photographic evidence. 😉

Take care,


  1. Nice to see a new addition to ODJ 🙂

    There were a couple of bits I could relate to especially:

    1) "I have very little confidence and deep down I think it's because I don't much like myself so how could anyone else." – ah yes; I'm always anticipating rejection, even from friends I've had for 20-30 years, which is just SILLY, but there you go.

    2) "One of my regrets about the whole thing is I didn’t get out in my early twenties or even earlier when I could have been totally gorgeous and fabulous lol" – yes again; wouldn't it be nice to go back and be gorgeous, even to 20, 18, 16… *sigh*

    PS Typo, The Way Forward, para 2: presumably "Vie" should be "I've" 😉

    1. Well, sometimes we're nervous about the oddest of things. Personally, I'm confident about most things, but I would have thought if I dug deep enough, they'd be something I felt less than 100% about. Oh yes, exams 🙂

      As to earlier years? For me, 30s were good. Not sure I was ready mentally in my teens, and certainly not my 20s. Outwardly, perhaps, but inside: not so much.

      Ta for spotting the typo. I'll get that sorted out.

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