Crikey, an about me page. How egotistical is that? 😉 Mind you, I guess you need a certain amount of me-me-me to inflict your views upon the world. Actually, that’s not true, that’s me being cynical (Ed: as way of a change).

In reality, I started this blog to give me a place to go through thoughts, share things with people and – if I was lucky – to connect with people like me.

So what’s to say? There’s a short bio on my profile and it’s just about accurate. I’m just about 40 something trans-something-or-other. I’m happily married to the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones and we’ve two nippers: Wee Man and Little Miss. Clearly, that’s not their real names, it would be a bit obvious when calling the school register wouldn’t it.

So what is being trans* all about? Well, I can only give you my idea on what it’s like for me. Ask another person and it’s likely to be completely different. If you’re lucky, it might even make sense. It’s a bit like being between genders: you’re not 100% bloke, nor 100% female. If I was the latter, I guess I’d be off transitioning, but that’s not really me either.

Being trans…. and we’ll ignore the physical appearance for now…. and it’s not just about clothes and make-up (although they do hold my attention). It goes deeper than that, being trans goes through your core. For me, rather than map reading, beer, and team sports, my brain got fashion, make-up skills and shopping switched on instead. Less flippantly, I’m X and Y.

Being all of me? It’s almost a requirement. If I don’t have some time to express my female side, I do get a bit cranky or down. Luckily, there’s a great group called Nottingham Chameleons, not to far away and they’re a good bunch. I don’t say that because I help run the group, either 🙂 If you’re in the area, I strongly recommend you take the time to visit them. I might even make you a drink if you ask nicely. 😉

Thanks for reading,