When they’ve finished with us


A few months back I was writing another of those script things I do. Partly to get an idea out of my head and also for the fun of writing.

The short version of it is a group of (talking) animals who have a dispute and then they invite wolves in. Now, far be it from me to discriminate against a fictional apex predator 😉 but in fiction, wolves often represent there darker sides of our nature.

The idea was around arguing certain discriminatory groups – and there’s enough out there to target anyone who’s a certain race, gender, nationality, and/or sexuality – gravitate towards…. well, human wolves, frankly. A pack who will happily turn on those ‘out group’ types.

Why write this now and not release the actual piece? Good question and I’m getting there. After much huff, puff, and lies spread about we trans folk, this month’s panic is around the American Supreme Court and how a number of them are anti choice.

So, you have a party exploiting trans kids as the new moral panic, a network of media fuelling bigotry towards trans folk, and now this revelation of an attack on women’s rights.

I can’t believe wolves are eating my leg,” protested someone who voted for Wolves Eating Other People party 😋

Let’s be clear, when discriminatory political groups have finished with us trans folk, they will move on to the next target. After all, they need that fear and panic to keep you on side to let them take the rights of others away.

If you are reading this and think well, it doesn’t affect me, maybe you are right. At least, correct right now. The lens of hate will move on and it will not be long before it is you or someone you love: parents, friends, children, grandchildren, etc.

When they are done with us, they will come for you. It’s what bullies do and it needs to stop.

L x


    1. Discrimination for political gain. Ignorance is one thing. To be mistaught into believing it is another. However, to knowingly engage in it? Unpleasant doesn’t cut it.

  1. Or as the Manic Street Preachers song puts it, “If you tolerate this then your children will be next.”

  2. Exactly. It is interesting how small a target group the xenophobic bullies have had to find recently after their failure over the last 100 years to keep repressing women, then ethnic minorities, then gay people. The tiny out trans community is pretty slim pickings but no doubt they feel it represents a climb-back. Maybe eyes will be opened now? Who knows. Sue x

    1. I think we can only hope that when the mask comes off and people can see what the end goal is for those parties, that it’s too much for them.

      If a person cannot have a choice over their own pregnancy, are they truly free? Funny how such rulings are all over the rights of the unborn, but are unusually silent on supporting new borns and mothers basic needs of care.

      But, hey, don’t mind that. The women in the next cubicle might have a winkie and it’s clear that we need to focus on that, right? FFS

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