It’s been an odd week this time around. The gentle and persistent clicking of the work/life balance ratchet turning a little too far. I’m not complaining, more noticing that I seem to be working longer than I probably should. Again, I don’t say this as a ooo, aren’t I a good employee, but more about noticing how easy it is to slip into the habit of I’ll just get this done… and then it’s closer to 6.30pm than it should be.

I think I’ll need to keep an eye on this. Not just for the sake of my own wellbeing, but Mrs J’s too. There’s also a risk that should I be encouraged back into the office, that productivity wise, I’m probably going to lose around two hours a day due to travel and child care. That time will impact the ‘doing of stuff’ which I think is why I’m employed. It’s certainly not for my charming personality and good looks 😁

That leads me to the sightly odd place of doing the school run. Odd in that traditionally, it’s female colleagues who’d need to pop off at 2.30pm, start later, or go part time to cover such work. Again, it’s been a learning curve for me since the Ever Lovely Mrs J became poorly and I’m doing the afternoon slot. It’s a peek into the world of what that does to your working day and how many folk seem to assume everyone is available between 8.30am and 5pm each day. Ah, to be of the age – the Sandwich Years, as Mrs J put it – where you have childcare, caring, and parental care duties. All of that and a look into a world that most blokes don’t seem to visit.

With having been burning the proverbial midnight oil, I wasn’t quite in the mood to pack everything up, get prepped, and schlep my way across Nottingham to Chams….. But, I thought about it and realised that if I didn’t, I’d miss catching up with friends. It was that that got me moving and up & out. I did make a bit of a mess with my concealer (a genetic gift of undeadesq under eye shadows), but hopefully it didn’t show. Conversation at the group was varied, brisk, serious, and funny, so time got away with us a little. Luckily there was just enough time for a photo (thanks Val) and to get locked up.

Oh, talking of friends, for some reason Blogger is not letting me log in via my phone, even though other Google services seem okay. So, for anyone who’s not getting my usual prattle in the comments; I’m sorry, I’m not ignoring your blog, and hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.

L x


  1. When you say you had time for a photo and then got locked up I did wonder if you’d been taken off to the police station!

    That’s a funky top. Like it.

    Blogger has been acting strangely for a while – I imagine they are working on the problems. WordPress has also been doing odd stuff with comments recently (like not accepting the first attempt at posting one) – maybe they, too, are working on this.

    As for the main point of your post, I always advise people not to overdo it. Work is not worth it in my experience since the effort to reward ratio is very imbalanced. Unless you are very senior. Have a good weekend.

    Sue x

    1. Sound advice Sue on ‘not over doing it’. Perhaps that applies to lots of other things in life as well 🙂 Dieting, exercise, makeup, etc 😁

      I don’t think it’s yet to be a crime to be dressed as I was. Well, other than previous fashion faux Pas 😉, although I dare say some bigots are dreaming of the offence Being Fabulous in a Built Up Area. Twits. 😋

      Hopefully the comment situation will improve. I wonder if it’s a cookie issue or similar. Ah well, one for the experts!

  2. I’ve noticed the same thing about Blogger and WordPress comments. I usually have to try twice in WordPress to get a comment to post. The issue with Blogger seems to be a refusal to recognise you are logged in with your Google account in Chrome incognito mode. It always used to work, until suddenly it doesn’t anymore. Annoying, but it means I do have time to think about leaving a comment if I need to open up another browser and log in again. Perhaps we should enforce that more generally across all social media. Or is ‘engage brain and think before typing’ too revolutionary an idea for the modern age?

    I am guilty of burning the candle at both ends, firing up the PC first thing and logging in before 6 and then sometimes going back to it after 6pm. On the upside, I no longer feel obliged to sit in front of the screen all the time in between, and take frequent ‘think’ breaks to move about, go out into the garden or fit a few pieces in the jigsaw, and generally refocus. (I find I often think more clearly when I walk away from the screen.)

    1. Yes, having to think before posting, imagine if that was implemented. 🙂

      “We’ve detected an usual level of anger and/or BS in your post. Would you like to reword it?” 😁

      Bloody left wing software and it silencing voICes OV HatrEd!! 😋

  3. Glad to read you were able to get to your Chams meeting after working the extra. Definitely keep an eye on those extra minutes, they all add up.

    Kind Regards

    Lotte x

    I came across an issue trying to login to Google to leave comments whilst in Incognito Mode on Google Chrome. It turns out it’s a cookie issue and the fix for me is to allow all cookies as I think the latest browser update turns them off in Incognito mode. I just allow them whilst commenting and then turn it back to off for Incognito once I’m done.

    1. Thanks Lotte. Yes, all that time does add up and while occasional extras help, making longer days the norm isn’t sustainable long term. I think it’s time to ask for a bit of help and take my foot off the pedal.

      Thanks for the note about Chrome. I think the issue is certainly cookie related and I think it’s those Third Party ones that are the issue.

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