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Well, it certainly helped to get back into the swing of things. After a bit too long in cisville, having time with like-minded folk certainly helped recharge my batteries. I think it’s easy to forget what a difference Chams makes. In fact, as the Ever Lovely Mrs J said to me earlier, it’s more than going out, it’s support too. How right she is.

Oh, I’d also like to say a quick note of thanks to those of you who got in touch via email or who commented with support. Thank you ❤️

After last weekend’s spot of bother, I had ordered two skirts from the Oxfam Online Store as a bit of both a gamble and retail distraction.

Sadly, the pretty skirt from Fat Face was a small 16, so I wasn’t going to get into that. Still, free returns for the win. I also had a spring dress I’d bought at Christmas and conversely, that was too big. It also felt a bit, well, cheap, and that’s something that really puts me off. It’s not like I stand there feeling the material 🙂, but as you fold something, handle it, or see how it falls, certain synthetics just don’t quite work. Still, another package to keep the Post Office busy.

Thanks to Val for the photo

Luckily my trusty black and rose dress went on okay and I’m hoping the Fat Face issue was unlucky sizing. Also, Steph’s (TrendCo) restyle of my wig means I feel it sits better and I don’t feel my earrings a lost or caught up in my hair

The evening went well and discussion was lively in the group. It was really good to see some new folks from further was away and some familiar faces from back in the day too.

While I’m feeling the late night, I am certainly feeling a lot better than I did last week. Good stuff.

L x


  1. Ah, that’s more like it. 🙂 So glad that Chams gave you the injection of trans positivity you need. Lovely frock, by the way.

    Maybe we TGirls are like an alarm clock where the spring winds down and we feel ever more sluggish until we get a good crank from some quality frock time with friends to get us ticking properly again.

    Have a nice weekend. Sue x

    1. Interesting metaphor, Sue, and yes, the right amount of rewinding to keep us ticking over: not too much and not too little.

      The dress is one I’ve had a while and it’s one that picks me up when i wear it. One of those garments that’s comfortable, forgiving, and feels classy. As you say, that’s more like it. ❤️

  2. “stuck in cisville”. Nice (well, not when you’re in it). I’m definitely going to borrow that.
    Pleased to read that you finally escaped and that it was a good evening. Encouraging news that there were also some new faces. (Perhaps also needing the same locked in cis-mode support?)
    Shame about the Oxfam buys, but that rose dress is lovely, and I like the matching of the long cardi with it. (Must get one of those.) You look happy.
    Mrs J is right. It’s more than just a night out, but also support and an opportunity for necessary rebalancing and feeling good about yourself, especially after so long.
    As Sue writes above, the t-spring can wind down so far that it’s sometimes hard to summon the energy to try and wind it again. But Spring beckons, and hopefully it won’t just be the lambs out gambolling in the fields. That’s something to look forward to at least.

    1. I don’t mind visiting Cisville, lots of my family and friends live there. 🙂 I’ve always felt like a visitor to that town, though. It’s okay, just, not okay all the time. Please, feel free to use that as required. Is this how slang starts? 🤔

      The long cardy is from Roman Originals and replaced one from Asda (which gained holes from age, but not wear). I’m hoping the new one lasts longer! Oh, and thanks for the kind words about the outfit. The cardy also covers up my Winter white arms 😁

      Yeah, it is a bit of a gamble buying clothes online and Oxfam’s ship uses a sort of limbless tailor’s dummy. That makes it tricky to estimate the skirt length or how it may sit on the hips. Still, money to a good cause and free returns. The single postage covered both items and that’s still cheaper than parking in town or a return on the bus.

      Happy? Yes, I think so. Refreshed through various factors: seeing friends at the group, knowing I’d nearly the end of the week, feeling better health-wise, and leaving Cisville for a time.

      I’m with you on it being a struggle sometimes. Particularly if your spring has wound down. Hopefully it won’t be a ‘winter of discontent’, and you’ll time to rewind.

  3. What a lovely photo Lynn, gorgeous dress and I like the dress and cardi combination.

    Good to read your Chams meet up went well and glad that you’re feeling a lot better now.

    Have a good weekend

    Lotte x

    1. Thank you, Lotte. It’s an old favourite, possibly from Dotty Ps before they lost their way, bless ’em.

      IMO, there’s a lot to be said about simple combos to change the look of an outfit. I think having a few classic pieces (which sounds nicer than basics 🙂) to draw on helps mix your wardrobe up a bit. That and tone down some of the -ahem- more stand out fashions that roll in each season.

  4. I get the impression that your feeling down.

    Perhaps you should look where your blog appears in that list of blogs and the competition your up against.

    You generate about 6-8 messages a month and your number 25.

    The guardian is a 41, with many more tweets and other resources to use.

    What ever your doing, its working

    1. Yes, it was a few days that I’m glad to see the back of, Anon.

      You know, I’ve not looked at the blog countdown for a while. I did read a few other bloggers had and were happy to see where they featured in the rankings. 8n turn, I was pleased for them. Does that make sense?

      For me, I write – if you can call blogging writing 🙂 – to work through ideas, share experiences (both good and could be better), express who I am, and to connect with others.

      I’m not really one for competition. I’d much rather collaborate and enjoy a community. There’s no winners and losers in that.

      1. My point was that with your 1-2 do posts per week on your blog, you were scoring much better that a large media organisation, since the results are determine your audience you must obviously be doing the right to be appreciated by so many, so do’nt feel so gloomy

  5. Late to the party!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better for Thursday and back on an even keel. Also, that people were getting in contact and offering support, that’s powerful stuff right there!

    On the ensemble for Thursday I don’t think I said that I thought you looked very good indeed. Others have already complimented the frock, so allow me to add in the shoes. I thought you rocked the look and remain slightly jealous of how you can pull off that lower fronted style so well generally! But not in an envious way, just slightly jealous! 🙂

    1. “Welcome to the party, pal” 🙂

      I think that’s a film quote, but it might’ve been a cheese & wine business meeting. It’s difficult to keep track 😉

      Support and help from family and friends is indeed the good stuff. ❤️

      I think the sweetheart neckline on the dress helps balance out both the shoulders and neck on someone who’s been -ahem- blessed with male puberty. That and create an area to draw the eye away from the jaw. Fashion tricks 101… learned the long way. 🙂

      The heels are Ruby Shoos and much as I’d like a sponsorship, that ain’t happening. That have a hidden platform, memory foam inner, and the wider round heel makes them very comfortable. Perhaps even suitable for teaching in… 😁

  6. I also very much like the entire outfit. It’s perf for the office. What every smart attractive business woman should wear on a cold winter day.

    1. Kind of you to say, SueAnne. Throw in a classically cut coat and some cute, warm gloves too.

      In honesty, opaques would be more likely, but I feel it’s good to change things when you can.

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