I feel it’s time to be honest with you all and come out. I am nesh and proud of it. 🙂 Big up the nesh massive and unfurl the fluffy, rainbow blanket of warmth!

Yes, I have a propensity to feeling the cold. As much as I like to be wrapped up and cosy (hello hygge ❤️ ‘hoo-gurr‘), frustratingly I’m not good in hot weather. You’d think that topping up the warmth batteries in summer would help, but it seems not to work like that.

So, the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed no midweek post. I felt of the mindset that if you don’t have anything nice to say… It was a case that what I might have written about was further challenges with physical tiredness and the effect that has to drive mental health down then dysphoria up a notch. That’s the summary and I’m going to move on to better news. Namely that I’ve been back to the doctor and I’m now on a second treatment for my lung issues. I should say that the Ever Lovely Mrs J was firm and kind in dispelling the imposter syndrome I had that I needed to go back. As ever, she was right, being a smart cookie, and so far, the breathlessness, tiredness, and subsequent dysphoria seem to be waining.

With not feeling quite 100% and with it being a touch bracing at the mo, it’s been a case of thermal leggings or/and opaques to help keep warm. I think I totally get why so many people wear leggings so much, they are just sooo comfy. Ah, we’re back to that feeling of comfort again aren’t we?

Which brings me round to an article in the fashion news about rising hemlines and the tights/no tights question.

Perhaps that’s a question if the wearer can check off from the list: youth, shape, confidence, tone, and a warm environment.

For us mere mortals and the neshinistas – sort of like fashionistas, only we like to be just warm enough 🙂 – the only question is what style of hosiery. That or do you go leggings + boots if the situation requires it?

Snag tights are fab

I enjoyed a wry smile reading the comments of folk with a similar approach and also taking comfort in feeling like I’m dressing 100% bloke. All that and the feeling of finding old favourites in the cupboard, which means a short trip along memory lane and also enjoying what you have.

Memory? Well, I kept on my favourite opaques after a tidy up, so I’m left with the ones that feel good on, fit well, and make me feel good about myself. At least, as much as a bit of clothing can do.

Sometimes, it’s the little things.

L x

PS: I’ve said good things about Snag before and in honesty, I’m not getting anything from them. Other than the fit, I’m impressed by their inclusive approach to tall, small, plus, and disabled customers. They are also featuring designs from the fabulous Jamie. 🏳️‍🌈

PPS: I’ve had to change the anti-spam plug-in, so if you have issues commenting, firstly: sorry! and secondly, please use the get in touch option to let me know.


  1. Glad the doctor has helped with the health issues – I think you are dead right about being physically tired being linked to mental health. In that regard, though I certainly missed your mid-week post, I feel that it served a greater purpose being unwritten. 🙂

    I can also echo the Snag praise, having recently invested in some new opaques for work. The Raspberry Pie ones, I shall admit, have been wonderful in keeping me warm whilst the shade keeps me happy. Daft, but true. In the meantime, I am impressed with the troika of tights shots. Honestly, I’d go leggings and boots ‘neath trousers if the situation required – heck, I’ve been going tights below trousers all week anyway!

    And I learned a new word: nesh.

    All the best!


    1. Tiredness, IMO, makes everything more difficult. I think it’s not just about sleep and rest, but when you just don’t seem to have any energy left to draw on. Luckily, that’s no longer the case.. Which is nice 😉

      I found a set of raspberry pie opaques and also the fab turquoise ones too. I’ve not quite worked out wear to team those with for Thursday.

      PS: Thanks for the note about the midweek post. Sometimes, I think it’s best to let things rest and give it time. Sometimes things work out better that way. Well, with a little luck.

  2. Lots to comment on today!

    I’m with you on the cold – British creeping clammy cold, and grey skies, were making me very sick and that’s why I moved to the Med – though I’m surprised that you also suffer in both cold and hot weather. One friend of mine hates the hot but has been known to go out in the snow in sandals! OK, bit extreme, I know, but it’s bad luck you suffer either way. I’ve always been a tights aficionada not just for the style but mainly for the warmth!

    The magic algorithm sends me Snag tights ads daily, and I hear they are good. But I am too small for them, which seems a pity. Maybe I need to grow another foot or round out some more. When I say ‘grow another foot’ I mean … oh never mind.

    A friend from Mold, N Wales, uses “nesh” to mean useless or disappointing rather than cold.

    Look after yourself, hon, and fingers crossed you are feeling 100% soon.

    Sue x

    1. Funny, I hadn’t planned to write about neshness and a chance article altered things. In the Midlands, nesh is used as I’ve described and as you say, there’s other takes on it. I think some Yorkshire folk use it to indicate someone’s tight with their money.

      Growing another foot, ha ha! That may make shopping for tights more of a challenge. I was going to make a joke about the Isle of Man, but felt it might not have landed well.

      Yeah, Dear Old Blighty does get damp and I think that’s one of the main factors that influences how we feel the weather. A friend from Canada lived near for a while and she was used to much lower temperatures. Yet, she said that the cold got into your bones here through the damp.

  3. I hadn’t realised there was a word for that, but yes, I am definitely nesh. I dislike feeling cold all the time.
    The tights/leggings under trousers is a bit more problematic if you don’t dress/undress alone and don’t want to face awkward questions or comments.
    I ought to investigate Snag as I have far too much laddered hosiery. Impressive trio of shots of the pins and shoes. But definitely tights rather than bare legs, and more often than not these days opaques. Gooseflesh is so unbecoming.
    Good luck with the second course of treatment. Interesting that the feeling of imposter syndrome in one area also extends to other different situations like the doctor (“Am I really unwell enough or will I be seen as wasting her time over nothing?”) as well as social situations and the workplace. I get that too.

    1. Yes, underdressing needs a bit of privacy, although there’s not much difference in thermal leggings other than the label.

      Sorry to hear you get the Imposter stuff too. Sometimes it’s quite frustrating. Ah, the ‘joys’ of guilt. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not even Catholic 😉 I think I said to Mrs J the other day that I’m leaning into ‘too much should’ and I don’t think that’s helping.

      1. Good your anti spam measures appear to be working as expected

        From my end, no questions asked about who or what I was doing, no messages about what I was posting being classed as rubbish, no picture questions, it just disappeared.

        I just hope your plug catches all such rubbish and does not catch out any legitimate posts

        1. Thanks Anon. The plug-in I was using had a fairly decent ‘is the poster a bot?’ system and if it was unsure, it would make someone complete a puzzle. Unfortunately, the vendor has made this chargeable, so I’m looking for a replacement.

          Update: I’m trying a new v3 CAPTCHA which should show a logo at the bottom right of the page as it loads. Hopefully this will keep spam-bots at bay and any content from folk like your good self, will slip through without issue.

          Onwards with the testing 🙂

  4. I’ve become more nesh as I’ve gotten older. I think that’s why I’ve preferred running on a treadmill so much lately. It’s more cosy in the gym than outdoors in the cold, wet windy weather.

    Glad to hear that the doctor is sorting out your lungs, fingers crossed for your speedy recovery.

    I’ll have to check out Snag as I’ve not heard of them until now.

    Take care

    Lotte x

    1. Given horizontal rain, near freezing temperatures, and occasionally sleet that I can only describe as angry 🙂, running on treadmill sounds a wise choice.

      When Mrs J and I go out in such weathers, we chuckle to ourselves, as out in the park we’ll see other dog walkers, parents of young children, and runners. A mix of the mad and the desperate. I’ll let you shuffle those into categories 😉

      Thanks for the well wishes. The new meds won’t be for long and I’m certainly feeling an improvement in both breathing and energy. The only slight catch is that the steroid treatment seems to be keeping me wide awake. Still, A) that makes a change 😉, and B) a short term pain, for long term gain.

      BTW, Snag do leggings as well, so maybe there’s something for the gym bag.

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