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It’s Friday evening and I’ve closed the lid on the work laptop, the boy dog is currently snuggled up with me, and I can hear the distant pop of fireworks. Upstairs, the Ever Lovely Mrs J is talking to her mum on the phone.

I am okay, although somewhat frustrated by the barrage – not of fireworks – but media BS that continues to paint transgender community in a negative light. The seeming continuous background pop, bang, and whizz of bigotry. It’s very tiring. I’m sure I’ve sprained the muscles behind my eyes 🙄

Yes, last year I took a news break and I felt better for it. This year, it feels the attacks have stepped up and, like Climate Change, it feels if we do not act, things will not go well. I don’t think it helps that certain news outlets that you could once rely on for fair and empathic reporting, now seen to have been infiltrated by those with a hostile agenda hidden behind the idea of balance. Yes, BBC, I’m looking at you…. and Guardian UK, your need to get your sh** together and walk away from giving a voice to those who spread hatred and lies about people. Not some far off nebulous stereotype, but folk in need of compassion and care, not vitriol and to be made invalid.

Some how, we’ve lost track of this

I was thinking of asking how mighty it feel to be a teen and swimming through this each day? Well, we could ask some, but we could also ask older LGBQ folk how was their experience in the 80s? 😐

Does the right to self identify or ban on Conversion Therapy affect me personally? Not directly but I’m very aware of those it will affect and I see the damage it does. That, and to an extent, I stand near near those rights. What do I mean by that? Well, if we were to insist that changing rooms in shops or public loos were monitored and limited in some way, that would and in tangible ways.

Sorry, sir, you cannot try those on here. These garments are strictly for another gender to yours

These attacks on our identity feel like the thin end of the wedge. That if the discrimination can gain a hold somewhere, so that can be leveraged to start to rescind the equality and rights the LGBTQ+ community have had to fight for.

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    1. BBC News have been using ‘balance’ and there’s been a number of dog whistle terms and phrases.

      The one this week about transgender dating was a new low in terms of standards and journalistic integrity, IMO.

      1. I think I have found the item that you are referring to, odd that did not come up in my original search. I think I can understand you feel that it offensive, but it also happens to be part of the news as well.

        I do not feel we should be banning items/ not talking about subects just because it may be regard as offensive, but I do wonder if the BBC would have used a different style of reporting/grammer if they would talking about a religious issue?

        Anything that is reported should be objective, to point, free of spin,at least the BBC is not as bad as the Daily Wail/Express

        1. Your point about a different style of the topic had been religion, race, or suchlike, is precisely where I’m coming from. It’s seems certain aspects about us as people are protected socially – and rightly so as I think it’s wrong to discriminate. Yet, bring in news about trans folk and there’s nonsense painted up as news. Where is the ‘balance’ from allies, trans people, and progressive organisations?

          You might as well ask an climate denier about greenhouse gases or antisemites about Jewish culture. Yet, here we are.

          To use the words of a wise man, “It’s all bollocks, Ted.” 😋

        2. I wouldn’t suggest we ban the topic – though I do question it’s value as ‘news’ in that article. For one, it only quoted people sympathetic with the narrative being spun – that somehow MTF TG people are out to pressure women into sex – and two it used terms that are, at best, misunderstood or hardly used (yes, ‘cotton ceiling’ I am looking at you). Finally, it wasn’t really news – the article suggested pressure to have sex and then gave… no examples of this at all. Each and every example was… something else. And, again, how is this news? Maybe culture and lifestyle? But even then…

          And yes, the BBC is better than the (s)Express and Daily Heil (1936 onwards) but that is a very low bar to set!

        3. The open letter about the article does, IMO, an excellent job in showing the failings around the corporation’s own standards and the ‘research’ done in the creation of it.

          If you surveyed the readers of this blog on a topic, I think you’d get a bias. To base a news article off that isn’t right. At best, I think you could say ‘the x number of readers of blah think this’, but that’s not indicative of the UK. To build an article from such a small number of people feels like someone had a point to make and hunted around for something to prop it up.

          Ignoring the propping up, and thinking about what Dee said, I think news outlets should start to think about the impact of the news article and how that might drive discrimination – and ideally avoid it. 👍 A better ethics panel of some sort, because the current ones don’t seem to be working.

        4. It may have something to do with the fact that if you enrage some religious types its resulted in deaths , were as the vast majority of trans people who have good grace and manners to ignore such poisonous manure.

          Sometimes you don’t need Farther McGuire, you need Fintan Stack

        5. “That would be an ecumenical matter” 😉

          I think that as a society we’ve come to understand that – at least in polite and civil discussion – we can disagree about religion, but not be abusive about it. That’s not to say that we always get it right, there will always be a group who push things s little too far, don’t think, don’t care, and/or want a reaction. You might add there’s also a group who are so aggrieved – those subject to the abuse as children by priests – who’ve been silenced or ignored, that their behaviour is complex and needs empathy, not trolling for headlines or sound bites.

          What I usually see in bilge dressed as news are a series of anti-trans quotes, some speculative Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt, and then little to no ‘balance’ from people who are trans. I think it was Faye’s recent book that pointed out these repeated attacks to justify the existence of trans people holds us back.

          Unlike religion or politics, I did not choose to be trans, anymore than I chose to be straight, white, male bodied, or asthmatic. To not be me, to deny who I am: well, good luck with sitting on that mental health tinebomb. 😋

  1. I stopped paying atention to the BBC after the last independance referendum, it’s bias and antagonism was just vile for a supposedly objective company. I still look at the website for global news but sadly I don’t really believe in journalistic integrity anymore.

    1. I’d like to think that their are some journalists that have integrity and indeed empathy towards the people they interview. I worry that people are forgotten – or overlooked – in pursuit of a story.

      I wonder if it’s the system around click bait, political brand, and themed opinion pieces – perhaps not dissimilar from a blog 😉 – that allow and support some awful views. The anti-inmigrant rhetoric after the banking collapse felt a new low. Then there’s the phone hacking scandal. Now we seem to be giving a space and publicity to a handful of folk, to openly discriminate against a marginalised community, in a way that would be completely unacceptable if it was about race, age, sexuality, and/or religion.

  2. Certain parts of the BBC have become nasty and vile in a way that if you substituted any other minority group for the word ‘trans’ would probably be regarded as incitement towards hate speech.
    I really am starting to fear for the safely of some of my friends.

    1. It’s a worrying trend this open hostility and discrimination. I am hopeful that allies and activists will continue to challenge and push against it. We may be in for a rocky ride, but I think we’ll be okay long term.

  3. I am sorry that this has happened, very sorry indeed. The UK was near enough OK till Cameron’s 2nd term, then May, then Johnson, and now the bigots and the corrupt have got into everything everywhere. I have left now, gone elsewhere and taken citizenship in another country that works better. Targeting groups like gays is hard now that they’ve been decriminalised for 54 years and we’re on our third generation in the free gay era, but trans people are a smaller, less co-ordinated group and make a soft, easy target for a medly of normally mutually antagonistic groups. It will get worse. Again, I am sorry for you. Sue x

    1. We need change. To move from empty rhetoric, corruption, and a wilful ignorance of evidence and on occasion, law. I don’t care if the next group are left, centre, or right; this current collection seem wrong on so many levels.

  4. I also get that sense of frustration when I see people/vehicles I trusted and held in esteem reproducing transphobic speech, for example.
    This kind of thing takes away some of my hope in the evolution of society and makes me think that it’s all just convenience.
    I feel sorry that transgender people have to go through this.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Vince. The evolution of society isn’t a smooth curve, but a jagged back & forth that creeps onwards.

      Listening to gay, lesbian, and bi people talk about the homophobia in the 80s, there’s a lot of similarity in the anti-trans talk at the mo. It’s not a great time right now, but I am hopeful things will improve.

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