Same shizz. Different day.


This may well turn into a rant, so if that’s not your bag, feel free to exit stage left. 🙂

This morning in my newsfeed up popped an article from a respected website that talks about psychology. I visit the site on and off as they have informative pieces on maintaining your mental health, a lay person’s guide to what’s new, etc.

I’ll explain this next bit with a metaphor. Imagine said site is a zen garden. A place of quiet where you can reflect on what’s raised and learn from it. Today in said garden, it felt like there was a person stood in a white pointed hood ‘giving advice’ while there was a slow crackle of a flaming cross next to them.

Yes, it’s another anti-trans article and the rollout of the much flawed and heavily rebuked rapid onset nonsense and detrans crap. FFS.

I am… very angry about this. That level of emotion where you become very polite. Perhaps because those social rules help keep back the boiling storm of frustration that threatens to rob you of reason. But, it’s tiring.

I feel oh, not you as well. As if, like some zombie menace, the now bitten organisation now contains an infection of hatred. To riff on a great man’s words, that everything out of your mouth is now suspect.

Garbage in, garbage out

What really boils my piss – there’s a lovely turn of phrase 😋 – is trans folk are ignored in this equation. Not only that but as a site that talks about mental health, self acceptance, and healing, to then attack a group of vulnerable people seems to show both hypocrisy and incredible level of unawareness.

I am tired of my friends, my family, and my community coming under attack. No wonder activists are livid. Wouldn’t you be when you’re accused of being deluded, a predator, and threat to your own child.

L x


  1. Definitely a case of same shit different day Lynn. Perfectly acceptable to have a rant, especially on your own blog. Yes it’s a shame that some folk in the world want to find the worst in the trans community.

  2. There’s a sense of foreboding across the world: climate change, pandemic, recession, worthless leaders… So, as ever, it’s important to find a scapegoat to hold responsible for the malaise. The Jews (the Armenians, the Tutsis, the Bosnians) had their turn last century; now the trans community – small, frightened, unorganised – is a good one for today. Easy meat for all sorts of dysfunctional bullies. It’s creeping in everywhere. I guess you’ll have to write to the site to say your psychological functioning is impaired as a result of their article that caused you the discomforting ailment of “urina fervens” (boiling piss). Sue x

  3. There is a debate to be had on this subject, the daily fail is having another what appears to be having ‘trans’ bashing session, the subjecting about ‘men’ invading a woman’s area.

    Just for once I would like to hear the answer to the obvious question from the other side of the equation.

    When does the trans community consider somebody has made the change from being a man to being a member of the trans community?

    I don’t know the answer to that question, but I am interested in the answer with out all of the boulder crap that news organs such as the Daily Fail would attempt to poison the question with!
    For example some people suggest its when somebody has made a conscious choice, others started hormones, had surgery etc.

    1. “…When does the trans community consider somebody has made the change from being a man to being a member of the trans community?”

      Well, transition can be female to male as well as male to female 🙂 Plus, the trans community is a wide umbrella that includes gender nonconforming people. It’s not always about being full time or transitioning. However to try and answer your question… 🙂

      There’s a few factors at play here and I think it’s more a sum of behaviours and intent, rather than a series of tick boxes.

      The Equality Act sets out a series of statements and rulings that allow a person who is transitioning the legal recognition and protection to let them into the areas that match their new gender. As I understand it, and by all means ask a HR expert or employment lawyer, for that legal cover to be in place, the person must be committed to transitioning.

      From the people who have shared their approach with me, that’s been via conversations with line managers, HR, doctors, and an agreed start time – where ‘Sarah is now Simon’ and vice versa.

      I would recommend a look at Claire’s blog as she’s written about this and from what I mean of her history, lived it.

      One of the questions that’s not quite resolved yet, is where do folk such as myself fit in terms of rights? I am not transitioning and yet when out presenting as female, where do I go? I’m not safe in the gents, so a unisex loo? If you can find one… More forward looking shops allow a person to enter a changing room that matches their gender presentation. Personally, I’ve never been in a shop that’s had a communal space and that’s true for me as a guy or presenting female. It’s a non issue for many people, although it’s being stoked as a culture war.

      1. I don’t doubt for a second that your very sincere in your belief that correct gender presentation is acceptable form of deciding factor, but its the same yardstick that scum like daily wail use to undermine everybody in the ‘trans’ community.

        As far as I am concerned if you look and behave like a woman, that is what you will get treated as

        1. Ignoring the media for a mo and thinking about the Equality Act, the commitment to transition seems key. At least in terms of access to services (loos, support, etc).

          In terms of changing rooms, while there’s certainly a legal requirement around those, there also seems some wiggle room when such spaces are owned by a private company.

          I guess that’s where the grey area comes in and for someone like me – who is not transitioning – if I turn up in female assistance in, say, M&S to try something on, currently the accepting policy of Marks is to let me in. Now, ignoring the ethics of that and thinking about practicalities, if that was to change, how do staff ask a woman approaching if they’re trans? That could backfire horribly – as the bathroom bills in the US did – where it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Women who prefer to have a gender neutral, butch look, or through the luck of genetics were being told they couldn’t come in.

          The crux of it is I feel extremists love a black and white rule. However, biology and society are full of nuance and messy blurs. 🙂

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