Make do and match


Well, that’s the end of a slightly too busy week and it’s Friday night at last. I just hope Monday morning doesn’t pounce like an elephant assassin made of bricks… 😉

As I wheeled in the, uh, wheelie bin this morning, the recycling team had kindly provided a wee calendar* listing the collections in 2022. Wait… 2022? That seems to have snuck up on me. I think the lockdowns and the home working have thrown my sense of time a little.

( * Not in the way the Orange Blowhard would look forward to 😋 )

If the Ever Lovely Mrs J was here, she’d probably say something about my excessive working. I think she’s right and my plan this week to put in more breaks, was knocked for six following a security issue at work. Ho hum.

That time of year again…

These last few days gone it’s been Transgender Awareness Week. I may be flippant but I’m aware of being trans most of the time. 🙄 However, maybe it’s a time to do what you can to help the rights we have…. and indeed the rights we don’t (yet).

I think such Awareness activities can be tough when you’re not completely out of the closet. So, on the vibe that you can only do your best with where you are, I spoke at work about the importance of gender neutral loos and how issues around periods and/or the menopause can affect male colleagues. I remember a transman at the group sharing his story around the lack of sanitary disposal boxes in the gents. As a bloke, where do you leave a medical dressing or change your kid’s nappy, you’ll be aware of that lack. As another friend said, a rising tide lifts all boats.

If I had one ask of you, if you’re trans, please take a moment this weekend, or indeed whenever you can, to stop for a minute and be grateful for your life and possibly, how you might improve it for others like you. ❤️

Also festivities

There’s now two more meetings for Chams before the Xmas break: one next week, we need to get our act together on who’s bringing what, to the Xmas Do in early December.

Outfits of yesteryear

I’m starting to get emails about party outfits, but in honesty, I’m wondering if I have enough separates or dresses I could rewear and still feel fab. A sort of make do and match, if you will, rather than – or so I hope – purchasing something I don’t need and fuelling the Fast Fashion monster. Ah, it ain’t easy trying to be green.

L x


  1. I like your style at work.

    And, speaking of style, those images of past parties are… well, they are brilliant, frankly. If I may use such terms (and apologies): you look gorgeous in every pic there. Hope you get the rest you need this weekend!

  2. Ooh Party Outfits, you’ve got my attention. Some lovely past outfits there Lynn, I’m sure you could re-wear any of those and easily look fab.

    Having a trans person (my eldest) in our house and being under the transgender umbrella myself I was only too aware that it was Transgender Awareness Week and I did stop to think how grateful I am for my life, espcially being able to appreciate all things feminine.

    1. There ain’t no outfit like a party outfit 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words, Charlotte. The red number is currently in my mind’s eye. How long before 90s becomes vintage? 🤔

      Good to hear you have positives going on in your life about being trans. That and you have time to reflect on them too.

  3. There’s a Rude Joke on YATGB this week. Well I never, what’s the world coming to? Clutching my pearls here. …The one’s round my neck, I mean! Ooh, stop it, missus!

    Looking forward to hearing about the Xmas party. Please, this week don’t work so hard. It honestly isn’t worth it.

    Sue x

    1. It’s the fall of society as we know it 🙂 I heard the word sh** on Radio 4 last week just before the lunchtime news as well. What is the world coming to, eh Sue? 😉

      Yes, I’m trying to not work too hard and at it’s a Monday, my get up & go seems not to have got up with me. Time for more coffee… ☕

  4. It is true that lockdowns and restraining measures have completely messed with our perception of time. I just hope that 2022 will be a better year in terms of pandemic.
    About bringing to work the discussion on gender-neutral loos, I find it amazing. Every contribution to informing people is more than valid.

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