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This year in Notts, October half-term is two weeks. Child 2 has been kicking back, while Wee Man has been going in to Uni (and doing well in trying new things and meeting new people too). For the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I, we’re about to have a week off and I’m looking forward to it

The out of office was set, the inbox emptied, and there’s no more sofa office for a full week. Plus, while I don’t mind going away, I do love the home comforts, long walks around the fields, and that amazing feeling of not having to pack & travel.

With a bit of luck, we’ll get some long walks in, breathe that Autumn air, and maybe, just maybe, have a pub lunch or a cake stop. I know, not exactly the high life, but I think if you can enjoy the good things that come your way, that all add up. Plus, it’s Chams next Thursday, rather than a long wait. All reasons to be cheerful.

L x


    1. Thanks, Sue. It’s interesting that you mention enjoying what’s around you. A few years back Mrs J observed that we’d not visited the local tourist attractions…. and then along comes COVID19 and less travel 🙂

    1. He was eighteen last July, Pandora, so all of the adult stuff around voting, tax, and whatnot.

      I think he was about two when I started blogging and going to Chams.

  1. While your enjoying your holiday, just try to understand this.

    No longer are the SAS, SBS, 1st & 2nd Parachute Regiment the bogeyman of Vlad the mad, its you lot, that have terrorised him into making an insane speech, even the great orange dunderhead did not achieve that one !

    1. Vlad?
      But the mere mention of “trans” provokes everyone, from MPs to the BBC (including, regrettably, Women’s Hour) to make inane and insane speeches. Meanwhile the Great British Public happily scarf up Ru Paul’s Drag race and Jamie the Musical. It feels a very schizoid time at the moment.

      1. Yes, and it’s not okay. 🙁 Imagine if the scorn, distrust, and call for exclusion was for people who were non-white, Jewish, Muslim, or disabled; would there not be an outcry at this bigotry?

        Perhaps interviewers should call it what it is: segregation.

  2. Enjoy the lovely time off. That photo of shadow and leaves is quite something just as an image, to be there in that moment, well.

    The local area holds up well!

    I, for one, will be relaxing by avoiding the news, the BBC and the papers.

    Glad your wee man is finding the groove and enjoying himself.

    All the best to you all!

  3. Include some pictures! I know you’re not leaving the homestead, but just saying. I love to see pictures of the English countryside.

    Calie xx

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