Ah, the joys of a week off. While it’s gone by rather quickly, it’s been great to leave the work laptop switched off, ditch the sofa home office routine, and get out into Autumn. The Ever Lovely Mrs J and I have had the pleasure of birth each others company and a few new routes on our dog walks. That and occasional stops for coffee. Mrs J had some good news from the medical folk recently, so we feel the are heading in the right direction. I guess you have be thankful for what goes right 🙂

We’ve changed our food box – I know, so middle class 😉 – to be veggie for Mrs J’s health and that’s helping all of us. That and, fingers crossed, the environment too as we’re trying cut meat. Coincidentally, we switched to oat milk after a trans friend spoke about non diary options and I wouldn’t go back to milk. The oat milk is good in tea, but delicious in coffee. In honesty, there’s still milk chocolate in the house and cheese, but we’re not buying crisps. I mention the above as with the long walks and change in diet, I’m feeling more in trim and my tum seems to have shrunk too. Not quite enough to use my old corset, but I guess it’s good to be happy with your shape.

As Calie asked last week about countryside photos, here’s one of a scene I love. It’s where the trees and hedgerows merge into a canopy overhead. For me, there’s something incredibly appealing and rewarding to the quality of the light that falls through the leaves. That and the swish or crunch of dry leaves underfoot.

Out in the sticks

With time off, I’ve been able to relax. Or more accurately, remind myself that having days where I don’t have to rush about, is a good thing. Taking the time to let the world go by and enjoy the moment have been just fab.

In trans news, I managed to order some chocolate sheer tights for the Thursday night out. I’ve got some nude tights (thanks Snag) which I love, although barely black or liquorice wasn’t quite the look I wanted. After years of having to wear opaques, the choice – if not the freedom and rightness – of smooth pins really helps me feel okay about myself.

With it being Halloween, for a bit of fun, a few of us vamped things up for Chameleons. Sometimes it’s good to break up the routine a little. I certainly enjoyed reading up on eye makeup tutorials. Getting a smokey eye when you’ve hooded lids is something I struggle with, but I felt I’d made an okay job of things on Thursday. The Ever Lovely Mrs J shared her wisdom on which black outfit might work, so while I took my fall back dress, I went with a velvet skirt and, style saints be praised, a top that matched. Teaming those with my new tights and some old heels, I felt quite special. There’s something about these occasional changes to Lynn mode that help reset the internal pressure levels. The Centre’s ‘fancy loo’ now has a long mirror in it, so it seemed rude not to give it a test run. 😉

The not quite headless, um, horse person.

As to the evening itself, after last time’s quiet meeting – I think there were five, maybe four of us?; this time it was a full house. It was great to see old friends again and catch up with those who’d been kept away by unlucky circumstances (illness, COVID, etc). With so many present, the conversation split into different zones and I think that’s a good thing. Sometimes folk want more one on one chats, some a wider discussion, and there’s the choice is listening as others share.

There was just time for a quick snap before Val had to make an early exit This time in the changing room, as the meeting was still going strong.

Nicole and I locked up, and it was back through the windy autumn night. All in all, a fab time indeed.

L x


  1. Love that image of the hedgerow and the trees – that sort of path just begs to be walked down with a companion and/or a dog running about. Especially this time of year, when a turn may bring brilliant sunshine dappling through the leaves as easily as mist shrouding a forgotten brook or just a big puddle meaning that one has to negotiate round the sides into the undergrowth – scattering birds or even squirrels ahead.

    Days where one can take stock are remarkably restorative, regardless of what one chooses to do on them, I find.

    And chocolate coloured tights, okay, you have me intrigued! I love a good brown and have been semi-searching for such things for a while, noting that even though Snag have Spice-Melange, they’re not *really* brown… The bangles are also a fab touch with that ensemble!

    1. The walk under the hedges was with the Ever Lovely Mrs J and two rather excited hounds. Neither hound has good recall, especially when there’s any squirrels about, so they’re always on lead when we’re out. Even if that means there’s a risk you can find yourself accelerating towards a bush 🙂

      The tights were by Fioré and there’s a link below if you fancy some. I’ve got another brand arriving next week, so I’ll see how they are.

      I’m with you on struggling to find the colour. I think I posted a few weeks back about wanting the rich brown / soft chocolate sheers that were popular in the 90s – aka, last century. Oo-ee, I’m old 😁

      Oh, and thanks for the kind words about the outfit and the bangles. A last minute thought to add something.

  2. Looking classy in black and the makeup looks to have worked well. I hadn’t noticed the bangles until Joanna mentioned them in her comment but they do add both a extra feminine and slightly gothy touch (my goth friends – of both sexes – from the 80s wore an immense number of silver bangles, plus probably accelerating global warming by a decade from the amount of hairspray they used to make their hair stand up.)

    1. Thank you, Susie. No hairspray was involved, so perhaps the Ozone Police won’t be looking for me just yet. 🙂 However, Patricia Morrison certainly inspired a generation, IMO.

      The bangles were a find in stores of yesteryear: the Evans section in BHS. For those of us who can get three fingers into a bracelet, but not the other digits, plus sized jewellery may be an option. Does anyone have any experience of this too?

      Often folk would cut through BHS in Nottingham to get to the car park at the south end of the city. I dare say the store gained footfall and extra sales by allowing it. I’m not wholly sure what the future is for the Broadmarsh given the property company went under.

      1. I never thought to look there for large size jewellery. Good tip. I have definitely experienced the pain to trying to contort my thumb to slip on a metal bangle that is just a fraction too small to slip over my wrist.

  3. That’s a very lovely post. Glad you had a good week off and that Mrs Jones is in better health. It’s also good to hear that she’s sharing style tips with you. Lynn seems to have become ever more an accepted part of your marriage.
    I love your outfit and the sheer tights look good. It’s hard to get dark tights that aren’t in black/barely black so these seem worth checking out – thanks for the link above.
    Sue x

    1. I think the week off certainly helped both of us and coupled with various bits of good news, it all adds together. Fingers crossed that the health situation continues in the right direction.

      Thanks for the kind words re the outfit and I’m with you on the difficulty around the colours of darker tights. It seems a lot of the current shades are too flat and lack the warmth of other near black shades. There’s a product opportunity for a vendor 😉

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