Perhaps it’s hackneyed and obvious, while the sun sets, it must also rise in the morning. Perhaps it’s a good job that it does, otherwise the Earth would freeze and we’d all be dead. Great news for vampires, but probably a downer on the rest of us. Actually, who would vampires drink? Maybe it’s best the Earth keeps on spinning after all. Now, where was I?

Earlier in the month I had visited a lingerie specialist who’s based up near Newark. Janice has visited us before the whole COVID19 fiasco and been very welcoming about supporting LGBTQ+ customers.

I turned up in Richard mode, we had a quick chat in the showroom, and then it was off for a fitting. I did bring my usual underwear and a few tops so I could see how things might change and I was glad i did as you can’t really tell how a new bra or shapewear will change the cut of your outfit.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was wearing the wrong size bra. It was also not quite the right band style and the cup size wasn’t making the most of what I have (or don’t have, if you catch my drift πŸ˜‰). With all that in mind, things can only really improve. I should stress that these are my words and not a critique of my look by Janice. That’s not how she rolls πŸ™‚

The idea of wearing what I had was to show how I was getting on now and what I was looking for from the fitting. Cue a quick removal of boob tape, fillets, bra, and the corset for an actual measuring. That was professional, friendly, and matter of fact. I did not feel uncomfortable at any point – despite that old devil Imposter Syndrome doing it’s best. How am I an imposter? I am a bloke who’s genderfluid being measured for a bra. No pretence here! That’s on Thursdays 😁

Long story short, I tried on three styles which gave different shapes to my body. Both bras worked with my tape + chicken fillet approach and helped give me a better shape. My ‘boobs’ were in the right place and I did not have that back fat problem that the previous (and wrong sized) bra had given me. Oh, the third bra? That was a Sloggi brand that I could use to make either of the other two lace ones more t-shirt friendly.

Yes all of those cost me more than what I’d bought previously, but these new ones fitted and gave me the right shape for my body. I don’t think you can say fairer than that. πŸ‘ So, I went in with an illfitting 36B and left with a marvelous 38C.

Cue last Thursday evening and a vest top plus a long skirt I bought at the start of summer. I felt pretty good about things: not proud or look-at-me, but at ease with how things, and perhaps even I, had turned out.

A long skirt and a sleeveless top for a change.

L x


  1. Well it seemed to work well as you look great Lynn! It’s funny how we work with what we have in the belief that it is the correct size only to discover despite reading all the bra measuring advice we still managed to get it wrong. I have never been for a professional fitting, but I suspect perhaps I should! Incidentally I went from a 36B to a 38C as well!

    Keep up the good work…………..

    Andrea xx

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Andrea. It’s not quite as fancy an outfit as your beautiful gown – but it’s not a competition. β™₯️

      Well, umm, I have had that old bra for *cough* twenty years *cough* *cough*. πŸ™‚ Perhaps when I measured myself and bought it, I was a 36?

      The odd thing is that it would be only be worn twice a month and maybe in Bra Years, it’s not as old as those worn everyday. 😁

      If you do get chance to have a fitting, I would say it’s worth it. My new bras feel more comfortable and look better on, I think. Plus the advice on posture, position, and shapewear options was really useful too.

  2. That was a brave and supremely confident move to go for a fitting in boy mode. I assume Janice had previously visited Chams so you knew each other before you made the appointment.
    I’m now contemplating my own shapewear. I have about 7 or 8, in different sizes between 34B-36C (I raided an M&S sale rack back before lockdown) plus a sports bra (comfy but something of a struggle to get on/off) and a couple of corselettes.
    Don’t make apologies for the outfit Lynn. It looks really nice.

    1. I think I cut the line “pushing on an open door”from the post and where we’d met previously, Susie. You’re right in that Janice has been to Chams before.

      Along with a colleague, they’d given a talk about bras (which was not a sales pitch), measured folk, and brought stick with them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, folk were keen to have such a friendly team of specialists in a safe space. I didn’t get measured that night because I felt it was important that those who wanted (or needed?) help should get the chance.

      Given the open invite to the store and a fellow Chams attendee’s experience, it seemed a safe option. So I didn’t think of it as brave and I’m still of the mindset that if I can do this, so can anyone else reading YATGB. πŸ‘

      PS: thanks for the kind words about the outfit. I think I’m growing a little tired of bloke jeans or shorts. It feels refreshing to switch things up, IMO

  3. Perhaps you should remember that quality costs, if you want to look the best, its going to cost you!

  4. I’m just going to (uselessly) echo the general positive commentary on your choice of outfit. I didn’t realise how rare a sleeveless top might be. I think the shot absolutely does the ensemble justice! It may even have repercussions in my own life… Also, huge admiration for that neckline and the way it all looks!

    Fascinating on the bra fitting too – I think if I went for one I would feel somewhat honour bound to buy something so maybe not before work starts back, but potentially in the future! A drive that distance would need a full day, methinks (at least when factoring in working up the bravery to go!).

    1. Never uselessly, IMO, and thanks for the kind feedback. Perhaps the right bra really does do wonders for the neckline πŸ™‚

      As to a visit, in trying to find a gap later in the year for Janice to visit the group. We’re struggling a little with the COVID situation, diaries, and avoiding a low turnout. But, we’ll get there. 🀞

      Yes, it’s a bit of a drive to get there, but I do think it was worth it. As to feeling you had to buy something, an appointment costs you a tenner and that’s refunded if you buy something. I guess otherwise folk would get measured and leg it. Time equals money and all that. πŸ™‚

  5. Great that you went and had a proper fitting. It’s something I’ve never done and continue to sport body-cutting 36Bs even though I’m twice as wide as I was when I first measured myself! Most sales people who know their business will be happy to fit a TGirl without fuss, that much I’ve gleaned over the years.

    I like your pretty summer outfit in the photo as well as your lovely nail color. As for the hair, I love that style so much (one that I can never pull off). There, now you have it: wig envy is a thing!

    Sue x

    1. Maybe when the temperature drops a little – and now you’ve got your new pass – there’ll be chance for a fitting? Good to hear that there’s open minded small business folk who agree cool about us. I think there was a makeup specialist near Chams that one of the attendees visited. That positive experience resulted in another three folk making appointments with her. Maybe acceptance and kindness aren’t the only rewards? πŸ™‚ But a job well done, the feeling of helping someone, and good business sense.

      You’re very kind about the outfit and the nail colour is a personal favourite. Having painted nails helps make me feel okay about who I am.

      Re the hair – I think I know what you mean. You see a certain style that you love on someone and think they look great. However, it’s frustrating that not everything works for everyone – not, IMO, that you shouldn’t have it if you love it. There’s been times when I’ve seen certain styles and felt a pang of… well, loss, I guess, given I am balding. But, I try to be happy for that person and not be jealous (perhaps a stronger cousin of envy?).

      Coincidentally, Joanna – see blog links, below – wrote about her views on jealously after watching a video about it from a Trans woman. The video creator spoke about their feelings on envy or (my words, not theirs) feeling not quite good enough on how they looked. Only to be surprised that the people they were envious of were struggling just as much, and folk where looking to her as inspiration.

      Ah, perhaps we are more alike as humans than certain folk would like us to believe πŸ€”

      1. Thanks for your extensive reply, Lynn.

        I am losing weight rapidly and should be back to my right size in the not too distant future. If I have a bra fitting, I’d best wait till I’m Miss Willowy again rather than fork out for somethng that’s only going to be used in this transition period.

        Perhaps the good thing about having mobile hair is that you can change styles and colours with a lot less bother than those with rooted hair. Even so, there are limitations caused by face shape, colour of skin eyes and brows, even height, and so forth. Hmm, I feel a blog post coming on … πŸ˜‰

        Sue x

        1. “…I feel a blog post coming on…”

          I may join you in that if that’s okay “. Well, not me writing yours – that would be presumptuous! πŸ™‚ I meant maybe another Lessons Learned chapter.

          ( * If not, just let me know. I don’t like to steal anyone’s thunder )

  6. Run out of nested comment boxes, subordinate hierarchical doodahs, under-the-last-stuff communication slots or whatever they’re called. So I start a new line of whatchammacallits. You go ahead with anything you want to say about hair. As it happens, I went on to write about bikinis!
    Never confuse your wig with your bikini is all I will say.
    Sue x

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