To those of you who got in touch about last week’s sad events, or said kind things about last week’s outfit – or, of this week’s post, if you will – thank you. ♥️ You didn’t have to and it was touching.

I was not expecting any of that and that’s not why I waffle on here on YATGB. I think I try to offer a positive spin on what it’s like to be outside the usual gender roles. Mainly with the message, or so I hope, that if I can, anyone can. You just need to give it a go.

Now, given the Internet isn’t always a pleasant place, genuine kindness reminds me that people can be beautiful, warm, gentle, and all that. Indeed, I read the other day a phrase of “kindness is the new punk” in that by being good to each other* we are rebelling against a lot of the unpleasantness that’s reported or carried out in the world.

( * readers of a certain age may wish to replace that with Be Excellent to Each Other 😉 ).

Sure you could argue it’s “all a bit nice”, but I think when people and words are genuine, that’s a good thing. I don’t think it’s about BSing anyone, but finding something good to say.

Here’s to a good weekend whatever you’re up to. ❤️

L x


  1. Most people have empathy, a sense of community, shared emotions and a natural tendency to support others. There are just a few jerks who don’t, sadly. But compliments, encouragement, mutual support, sympathy, kindness should be part of normal experience. Common struggles and desires makes the trans community a good source of support, I find. Sue x

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