Small changes


Last night it was a Thursday night out to Chams and I found that I’d missed the routine. The latter not being run of the mill, but more a ritual in someway. One that leaves you feeling (and looking) different from before. It’s not quite the right metaphor, but on being able to dress as I do, it feels like the really good stretch. The one that leaves you feeling more awake and as if you’ve shaken off some tension you didn’t know you’d built up.

One of the group has some transport issues and as their house isn’t massively out of the way, the evening started off differently, with me picking them up and having a chat on the way to Chams HQ. Sometimes a small change makes all the difference.

We had a few new folk coming for the first time and the new room – despite us being in for a number of months now – means we tend to talk more as a group. Something that Val picked up on and I’m still getting used to. Previously, we could get a little lost in the larger space downstairs and I think that could leave people on their own.

The conversation wandered around various topics and we did touch on what things might be like for the next generation of folk under the trans umbrella. It seems people are coming out earlier and exploring who they are more openly. That seems to be the case for our children’s friends at least. I hope it helps them feel okay about who they are and avoid some of the pitfalls some of us older T folk fell in or dodged.

On the subject of change, everyone paid via card last night, so there was no counting up at the end of the night. The money pot went back into the cupboard without being used and it all felt a bit modern being cashless. 🙂

Thanks to Val for the photo

All in all, a great night out. Maybe a need a bit more sun on my upper arms 🙂 Thanks genetic heritage 😁

L x


    1. Yeah, listening to younger folk about their experiences is really interesting. I think despite the efforts of certain folk to wind the clock back, of anything, the next wave of people are already living their lives and won’t go quietly. Equality FTW 🏳️‍🌈

  1. I am so pleased you had a great night Lynn. The younger generations do seem to be embracing gender diversity much more and find it much easier to engage with people that are ‘different’. If you haven’t seen it, have a look at the blog ‘Raising My Rainbow’ you can find it here:
    Looking fabulous as always……………….xx

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Andrea, and also the link. I’ve been reading Raising My Rainbow on and off. Maybe it’s time for another look.

    1. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she needs BistoTan? 😁

      No worries about the lift to and from. It made a nice change to the routine.

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