Fuzzy illogic


Given the rising temperatures in Dear Old Blighty and working from home, it’s been a case of shorts for the last few months. Regular readers will know of my slight issue around fuzzy pins, but you have to do what you can to make the best of things.

It seems that my legs have decided to become openly bi-gender. The outside of them have gone bald, whereas the inside step remain slightly fuzzed. It’s slightly perplexing and thinking back to summers of yesteryear, a process that started on its own.

I had a look online. Really just in case of might it be something serious (thankfully not, although maybe I should cut down on plutonium tea 🙂) and a part of me wondering if it’ll continue and the leg hair -or rather lack of – situation will take care of itself. That would be good.

Maybe one day?

I should add that this isn’t through treatment in any way, just a throw of the genetic dice or maybe me reaching a certain age. Part of me chuckled at the situation and also that like much in life, you don’t always get exactly what you want. I mean ideally, the hair loss would start at my feet and work upwards. At least that would help in wearing cropped trousers or long skirts in summer 😁

L x


    1. I’ll bring some tea on Thursday.

      No, it’s not really the weather for tights. 😁 TBH, it’s a bit touch and go for leaving the house during the heat of the day. 🙂

  1. That half-fuzzed leg situation sounds very curious, but you always knew you were a little bit special, right? 😉 I once had a bald patch on my right calf. After many years I realised it was where my briefcase rubbed against my leg when I walked! Maybe your bald patches are where the pets have been rubbing against you! Sue x

    1. Hopefully in the right way 😉 The hair situation seemed to change as a moved from work trousers to jeans, but that may be my iffy memory. Still, whatever it is, it needs to catch up on the other side! 😁

  2. Come on, tell the truth you have been eating Kryptonite butties instead of the ‘plutonium tea’

  3. You would think that your knees are the parts that most often rub against things, yet why are they so often the bit with the more difficult hair to remove?

    1. The skin on my knees feels quite different to that of my outer leg: usually rougher. I wonder, if like with other areas of the body, that the hair varies on the legs as well.

  4. I can relate. My own legs started losing hair on the calves, the outside, a few years back. And, with the heat, I found that it was… I was going to write ‘worse’, but perhaps I mean ‘better’? Anyway, the hairless parts have spread more this year than in previous years.

      1. Indeed, less to shave at any rate! 🙂 Also, I dunno, it just feels nicer to the touch. Basically, yes, you are not alone in this phenomenon and glad it was not the harbinger of something untoward. 🙂

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