Last week and indeed today, I spent a fair few hours writing blog posts that haven’t made the light of day.

I am unsure what this is. Part of it feels like a confidence/quality question – certainly in the spoof post I drafted. But in terms of my views on the recent ruling on the employment tribunal case, I’m thinking I’m self-censoring.

The above doubt circles around like a spinning top. Is it okay not to post, inasmuch that I’m being respectful and not wading in with rent-a-quote opinion pieces?

Is it fear? That of the message landing badly and offending others, or slipping on to the RADAR and having to fend off a comment storm of angry keyboard warriors of all ilks?

Is it that my thoughts are complex and actually, a conversation is better than any statement piece I throw together on here?

Look, there goes the top on another loop! I wonder if I’ve just cracked the infinite energy problem? 🙂 I guess we just need to plug the Deliberation Capture Engine in and it’s off grid we go. 😉

So…. I don’t yet know the answer. Perhaps it is not to try and resolve the complexities, but instead, to try and share what such a decision might have on a part timer like myself.

Decisions, decisions…

L x


  1. Hmmmm

    Answer its a toxic hornets nest, the legislation and common courtesy seem to be a bit confused in cases like this.

    If you present as a woman, then that is what I will treat you as, if its non obvious don’t be to hard on me if I make a mistake.

    If you have a violent objection to the trans community then be civil about it, you can make your objections know but don’t be to surprised if you get told to belt up, there is no need for any agro of the mental of physically type

    1. The bit about making a mistake, Anon. I think there’s a lot in that. What I mean is, a genuine mistake, then we apologise, accept, and move on. If either party can to their best to, well, just not be a d*ck, then maybe we’ll all have a chance. 🙂

      1. Part of being human is to make mistakes, its how you recover that says so much about you on both sides

  2. Intrigued … I haven’t lived in the UK for 3 years now and its troubles are something I am trying to ignore for my own wellbeing. The country where I live now has a reasonable prospect of improved LGBT rights because of a new piece of legislation going through parliament. Ingeniously, LGBT rights have been coupled with women’s rights and disabled rights in the bill so it’s got a much better chance of passing. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, Lynn, I’m sorry. Hugs. Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. I hope the bill goes through smoothly and folk are able to benefit from it.

      In the UK media, we – as in trans folk – seem to be up against a minority of very vocal anti-trans people. Unfortunately, that fits in nicely with certain political and media views of stoking a “War on Woke”.

      It’s difficult not to be dragged down by that when you see how it affects those you know and that’s despite a lot of good work done by parents, allies, organisations, and charities.

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