Clothes maketh the [insert identity here]


With the turn of the seasons, so it is time to put away trousers, long sleeved tops, and other warm clothing. No more zip up boots – my go-to shoe style in Richard mode – and on with the Berkies and shorts.

With the change in clothing comes the thought of replacing old items and of late, I’ve started to think that I have a difficult relationship with clothes. Feel free to make your own jokes at this point. I would make a gag about I can take it, I’ve got broad shoulders, but then don’t most of us part timers? 😉

So my difficulty is partly down to the complexity of what I feel I should be wearing and also should I be buying things.

The former is fairly easy to answer. There’s a lot of Should going on in some folks’ lives and to riff on the phrase of only say to yourself what you’d say to a friend, do what you think is okay and if it’s important to you, reflect on what you might do to get there. With that in mind, I’m trying to not worry about what I think someone of my years – be they male, female, or otherwise – and instead, wear things that make me feel good about myself and just go with the flow.

With the other part about shopping, is the thought about the impact fast fashion is having on us and the planet. I’ve never been one for buying a lot of clothes, but I think I do buy things I don’t really need. I think it’s important to not go into the harsh black & white binary, because that way it’s win/fail, and more often than not, we put ourselves in the fail bin. There’s a good way to harsh your mellow, my dude 😉

While I’m replacing the jeans that no longer fit, I am trying to be careful on enjoying what I have. Yes, I’ve bought two new tops last month, however, as separates I think that allows various outfits and numerous rewears.

So, is there a point to this post? It would make a change 😉 I think it’s this: tread carefully and reflect on why you are buying something. Am I replacing something? Am I following a fashion rather than my own tastes? Perhaps more pertinent of all: am I shopping be because I’m looking to distract myself?

Been there, in case you think I’m judging anyone 🙂

The leggings were new but the rest is second hand

Plus, a rummage in the closet can find shoes and clothes you’d forgotten about. The pleasure of finding an old item or coming to with a new look with thibgs you already have.

L x


  1. On top of “what I think I should wear” and “what would make me happy to wear” are the twin annoyances of “what is actually available to buy” and “what comes in my size/budget”.

    It can be very frustrating

    1. I’d forgotten about both of those. Yes, they are frustrating. See also shops that only sell shoes up to a seven.

      Budget-wise, I don’t mind saving up to buy something if it’ll last – in terms of style, fit, and durability – but I don’t like overpriced stuff. Particularly tall/plus size from certain stores.

      No wonder folk ship online so much these days 🙂

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