Delays expected

For all passengers waiting for the Gender Express, please be advised that the train will be delayed until mid to late Spring 2021…. 🙂

Due to the -ahem- handling of COVID19 by the UK government, Lockdown Three is upon us and as infections continue to rise, the local council have, understandably, decided to close the community centre where Chams meets.

I had hoped that as support groups are allowed to meet (subject to social distancing and of no more than fifteen people), we might soldier on through the winter. Alas, no.

I think Hugh Grant’s character in Four Weddings stated it rather beautifully: “Bugger” 😁

I shall have to engage mindfulness, concentrate on the positive, and maybe play a new computer game as a female protagonist. I managed for a number of months at the start of Lockdown One back in late Spring last year, so fingers crossed eh? Luckily there’s still the online chats with the Chams folk and plenty of blogs to read too.

L x


    1. Quite. Not wholly sure what the next steps will be, but I think reflecting on things from a positive light of view will help.

      I’m not having to have to work and the winter months mean I can keep my legs feeling correct (if that makes sense).

    1. Indeed, but I do feel we’ve (I’ve?) been lucky over the last few months, with the group being able meet. Even if it’s been small numbers, a few of us had an outlet, and not everyone has had that good fortune. That’s absolutely not to ‘lord it up’, but to be grateful.

  1. I am avoiding news from the UK. There are few reputable proper news outlets in the UK and all I hear depresses me. Such snippets that I get from friends don’t improve matters.

    I’m so sorry, is all I can say. Do they have some computer shoot-em-up game where cabinet ministers are lined up like ducks at a fairground arcade ? I’d play that!

    Hugs. Sue x

    1. I was reading the other day (in The Guardian) that part of the issues the Americans are troubled with, is their media. Specifically opinion, or more harshly – lies, sold as news. A question was asked on the would-be effect on the UK if a similar news service was launched. I believe UK researchers showed that the headlines from one middle-class tabloid were factually incorrect 60% of the time. To knowingly mislead the public, that seems wrong in my book.

      While the BBC isn’t perfect it could be a lot worse. During lockdown, many people turned to that as a source of news. Perhaps to avoid in the nonsense peddled on digital media, but that’s speculation on my part. If you’re an organisation that is criticised for right wing bias by the left and left wing bias by the right: perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle. 😉 However, the approach on having ‘balance’ has lead to the scathing commentary about climate change deniers and a somewhat TERFy scent to some interviews. In a recent press release by OFCOM, a MP said that inviting certain ‘gender critical’ speakers on to talk about the Trans experience, was akin to asking racists about Black Lives Matter.

      There are some good MPs in the system and they are trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately, we hear the negative stuff and with poor decision making, there can be a lot of that.

      1. Perhaps you should try Lord Gnome’s mighty organ, i.e. Private Eye.

        Unlike other newspapers (Daily Mail,Guardian, etc) They have no political basis.

        1. I’ve enjoyed Private Eye whenever I’ve bought it, so perhaps yes. As much as being somewhat left leaning, having a publication – such as Private Eye – that tries to hold the powerful to account is a good thing in my book.

        2. I subscribed to Private Eye for many years and it is one of the few examples left of non-partisan investigative journalism in the UK. The Guardian is the only national daily now not owned by offshore magnates who require journalists to toe their line. One has to allow for the Graun’s left leanings, though. The BBC’s new chairman is a substantial donor to the government party and although I had many family members who worked in media and who could demonstrate and defend the BBC’s neutrality once, I am doubtful of it now. Despite the folk you mention who are trying to do the right thing, I feel the UK has a dire future ahead. I’m sorry to have to say that but it’s why I have left. Wishing you a lot of luck. Sue x

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