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Woo, am I glad it’s the end of the working week. Although what I’m doing interests me and who in working with is all positive too, I… am somewhat unmotivated at the moment. Not through any personal crisis or suchlike, but just a brief spell of classic I just can’t be arsed. 😉 I’m sure it’ll pass in a while and I’ll be back to banging the rocks together 🙂

In a break from the last few episodes of Lessons Learned, I thought I’d write one of the more typical What Lynn Did Next posts. Still, it’s a change from opinion and trans motivational You Can Do It content, no? 😁

In YATGB blog news, I’ve installed a widget to help protect the site from bots and spammers. You may see an icon marked I’m not a robot, and depending on your use of this site, you may be asked to click a few photos. We seem to have swapped pin the tail on the donkey, to where are the traffic lights? 🙂

This week my new shoes arrived. This was a pleasant surprise as they came earlier than the email suggested they would. Indeed, despite a quick try on at home, where I wasn’t quite 100% on the fit, I thought I’d try a longer wear at Chams and they are soooo comfy (compared to my other heels). They were also quite a bit more money than my usual purchases from, say, New Look, Dotty PS, or M&S.

Ruby Shoos

I spent the last of my Amazon voucher and a chunk of my Monthly Fancy Purchases budget on them. I should add said budget is co agreement with the financial wiz, the Ever Lovely Mrs J who’s very good with numbers, so there’s guilt free shopping as a bonus. Mrs J spends hers on books, so we do okay between us.

The heels were from Ruby Shoo and the design is such that they have a padded insole that’s built in. The Mary Jane style helps keep them on and the padding certainly helps with comfort. I like that they are a bit quirky, but maybe that’s just me. Style is a personal thing after all.

Now featuring carpet protection plastic

As to the night out at Chams HQ, despite the building works and Don’t Call It Lockdown 2, we were open. I did check with the necessary folk at local government level and being a support group means we can special circumstances.

Numbers were low, which is to be expected given older members shielding, but we certainly had a good long chat about the comedy of getting changed, the nonsense around bathroom rights, and what we might get up to at Christmas. Particularly if we move upstairs to the new rooms (not that they are ready just yet).

We also had a new person pop along for their first visit, and meeting new people is a good thing in my book. I still can’t get the hang of false eyelashes, so I think further research and certainly practice is in order. Given the mask situation, I wonder if lipstick sales have dropped? 🙂

Given the situation around lockdown, the obligatory photo on the stairs includes a mask and social distancing. I’d say you have to smile, but you’d not be able to tell. 😁

L x


    1. Strange times indeed, Sue, but very glad to meet up with the group.

      The dress is an old favourite.

      Still no sign of the motivation I was hoping would arrive this week 😁

      Good to see you made it by the anti-spam robot!

      1. The anti-spam robot asked me if I was a robot or not. I ticked the box saying I wasn’t and I heard no more. Presumably it went away to sniffle in robotic loneliness. Weep not, little robot, you’ll find a companion soon, I’m sure. Sue x

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