A look back: September


The sun sets on the long break and it’s back to school. Bah humbug. Ah well. Hopefully it was fun while it lasted kids.

Talking of going back, another month rolls by and it’s time to take a flick through the posts of September’s gone. Compared to the heat of summer, this first step into Autumn is when I seem to come into my own.

L19: A trip out to talk to a youth group about trans identities. In a rare twist, I’d gone in Lynn mode and my abiding memory – other than how accepting and interested the staff were – was how at ease I felt. It was… very natural. Perhaps just a regular person running an education workshop that lead to some happy recipients. This was also the month that after the pressure of being away, I shaved my legs. Well, epilated at least. They seemed to look how they should when I finished. No, not blotchy and red 😉 but how they should be for me. Not with tufts of sightly wavy and patchy hair.

L18: Val and I had a day out. I think this was when we stopped for a much needed cup of tea. Shopping on your own is okay, but being out with a friend is something else. Maybe again when the restrictions are over.

L17 is, I think, the dress I bought with a gift voucher for a bloke’s clothing chain. Why my folks got me a TopMan gift card, I’m not sure. Looking at the clothes, I don’t feel they’re for a gent of my middling years. Still, the out of town store was happy to exchange the token for something much fancier. 👍

L16 is the dress that got away. I fancied buying a 40s style dress and with the Curse of the Man Shoulders, I couldn’t get the right fit. Still, it was fun to try and a return meant someone else may have got a bargain in the sales.

L15 is my compliment dress. I don’t know what it is about the item, but on the rare occasions I wear it, someone always says something nice about it. I think I’ve either overdone the blusher or the warmth setting on the photo 😁

L14 is my cool weather office outfit. Maybe one day eh?

Looking back at those memories, it seems September is a month of activity. Fingers crossed that this year will go well too.

L x


  1. It’s good to look back, especially if you are looking back at pleasant memories. You look great in ll the photos but I think 18 does it for me, not only looking fabulous, by the look on your face, feeling fabulous as well, and what can be better than that! ………….

  2. Yes, good to look back and enjoy the things that have been. I’m not feeling any regret or loss around those memories – and that’s certainly a huge positive 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words about photo 18. I think I was glad of a sit-down and who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with a friend? I think that’s what Chameleons is built on: friends, conversation, a chance to be all of you, and enjoy a good cup of tea.

    The day around 19 will hold a special place for me. It was a break from the more typical Let’s hit the Shops, and a chance to give back in trying to help raise awareness.

  3. Hi Lynn,
    You have good taste. I like all your September outfits.
    14 or 19 is what I would in practice be most likely to actually wear.
    But if I had to ask the good fairy for an outfit it would be the floral dress of 17.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. Thanks Penny. Fourteen and nineteen seem quite everyday office-like, so perhaps that’s it. The rose dress seems more for special occasions. Maybe there’s another waiting to be found online.

  4. Catching up with the blogosphere and here’s the autumn collection from the Lynn Jones label… Lovely outfits, hon, I absolutely love the dress in 17 (and a very cutesey feminine pose from the model there). I’ve always liked your look. Looking forward to October’s fashion show! Sue x

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